All about the bride

They say well especially here in Australia that the wedding day belongs to the bride, yet they never mention the groom. For example on our photo shoot which is usually outdoors and in the streets of Melbourne i always here the comments "wow look at the bride, isnt she gorgeous" yet the groom hardly ever gets a mention.I've never heard anyone say look at the groom isnt he handsome" or even anything remote to that . However i do hear a lot of and im sure that they are joking when they say it "poor guy" or "your life is over" so i thought id start an article about the bride and try to work out why doesnt anyone ever mention the groom.

Its a fact that the bride is the princess,and it is most likely her dream to be married from a very young age and she probably always dreamt about a fairytale wedding. And i know when i see the couples come into my studio and when they preview sample videos, the bride pays attention to detail and the groom tends to just watch the video and enjoy the music and scenes.The bride notices the dress ,the floral arrangements the locations of the photo shoot and its normally the bride asking most of the questions whereas the groom just literally turns up in support but the interest levels arent really there. Even after the wedding when the video is ready to be edited its usually the bride choosing the songs for the video and the bride deciding which scenes to cut out and keep and usually the groom just tends to agree but without much input. So im convinced that a wedding day is all about the bride .

Hygiene Horror Stories | The Chocolate Fountain

I have a friend with a fear of publicly shared food. She does not “do” pot lucks. She does not partake in that coffee cake in the lunch room. And, chocolate fountains? Forget it. Just mention the word and she shudders uncontrollably.

I always thought it was just her hang up. I mean, hello?! It’s chocolate! Then, I got to thinking. Not everyone out there is, um, conscious of the consequences of their actions. They are not thinking about germs and calories, but about indulging and having fun. They may not even be aware that double-dipping is not just dipping the actual strawberry a second time, but also includes using the same skewer more than once. If it was in your mouth and you put it back into the chocolate flow, you just added your saliva to the mix. Nice!

Which brings me to another point, people drink at weddings. A lot. Alcohol lets people forget their manners and general hygiene. If the caterer doesn’t staff the fountain with a watch dog, there will be a guaranteed drunk sticking their finger directly in that chocolate. Gross, yes. Even worse, think about their hand-washing technique (or lack thereof) after those three whiskey sours. Eewwww!  You spent hundreds of dollars on a chocolate fountain for your top-of-the-line wedding and now there is you-know-what in it. Kinda makes you re-think that decision.

This is not to say that you shouldn’t order one for your big day. It IS warning you to be fastidious with the catering company about having plenty of skewers and a very vocal staff member to stand guard every second.

Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses | What Are You Supposed to Do With Them?

Bridesmaid dresses. They are the butt of countless jokes. Heck, they even made a movie about them. Personally, I have worn a few really nice ones and a few that made me ponder whether the bride was intentionally trying to make everyone else look bad on her big day. Not that brides would ever do that. Ever.

My friends and I have seen fashion statements, horror stories, bank-breakers and penny pinchers. That’s all water under the bridge; the real question is what do you do with them all? Sure, every bride will *tell* you that she planned it so you can wear it again, but, really?! Do you really want to wear that pale peach, asymmetrical monstrosity with puffy sleeves that resembles a classic Seinfeld episode to the office? You may get sucked into the inner workings of the copy machine and need to be rescued with the Jaws of Life. Well, it could happen.

So, what do you do with all those dresses, after the fact, if you aren’t wearing them again? How do you re-use them?

1.    Leave it at the dry-cleaners on “accident”.

2.    Run to the fabric store and grab a pattern for a tablecloth. Think Christmas gift for grandma.

3.    Burn it in effigy. Too harsh?

4.    Give it to a talented teen and let her trash it, I mean, re-work it into a prom dress.

5.    Donate it to your local haunted house next Halloween. The blood and gore they apply to it can only improve it!




Green Color Schemes | Think Spring

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought we could discuss green color schemes for weddings. Green is also the color of spring and new beginnings so we have a lot of options.

1.    If you wanted an Irish-themed wedding to reflect your (or the groom’s) cultural heritage, that’s great. A wedding dress with a green sash would be amazing. Crisp white and a nice Kelly green are a classic combination that never goes out of style. If you want to push it over the top, throw some orange into the mix.

2.    For an updated and uber-trendy look, try combining a rich forest green with chocolate brown. This earthy and natural color scheme can breathe a little life into the cold winter months or it could reflect your love of nature. A dark chocolate with ivy instead of flowers with be perfect here, not to mention, tasty!

3.    For a cheerful spring look, try a monochromatic blend of several shades of green. A vibrant chartreuse with darker shades like forest and evergreen would just be a fresh face after a long winter. You could even save a little bit of money and keep the floral arrangements and bouquets simple, with overflowing greenery and little to no flowers. Little clay pots of grass scattered throughout

4.    Green and purple just tells everyone that the bride loves purple and the groom loves her. Think sweet violets. Lavender lilacs with trailing ivy. Funky purple gels on the dance floor lighting. Go for it.

3 Tips to Save Money While Avoiding Tacky

Getting married on the cheap, but not looking like it.

Weddings. Every little girl dreams of them and every parent has nightmares about their escalating costs. How do you keep the finances under control without tipping the scales into tacky territory?

1.    If you cannot afford to feed 250 of your closets friends a four course dinner … don’t! If you love gourmet food, then edit your guest list way down. 75 people, that really are your nearest and dearest, can have a fabulous meal on a small budget. You can’t create elegant if you run out of food, plastic utensils or red Solo cups.

2.    If you, your fiancée, your parents, or whomever insists on each and every one of those 250 guests, then put a twist on your tradition. Invite them all for an early wedding ceremony followed by a lovely luncheon or even a brunch on a sunny morning. The food is much less expensive, the caterer and reception facility will cost less due to the early time and you can avoid the expensive of a full bar; beer, wine and mimosas would be perfect. Who ever said it had to be a Saturday night?

3.    Your local K of C hall or Moose Lodge may be cheaper than the fancy reception facility but there are other options. Be resourceful. Having a wedding reception at an unusual location does not require a big budget. In fact, many times all you have to do is ask. Museums, the zoo and even wineries all offer their facilities to rent for a small fee that is often the same, if not less, than that dingy old rental hall. If you want a unique setting, do a little digging and make it work with your budget.

Adding Personalized Touches to the Ceremony

One of the important factors of your wedding is the priest/pastor/minister/justice of the peace, who will be officiating at the wedding.  The more you know them, and the more they know you, the more enjoyable the ceremony may be as they will be able to personalize it and add some personal comments or stories. 

Having a ceremony that is personalized does not mean that it has to be exceptionally long and boring for all the guests, but a story or two can be shared to make the ceremony more personal.  Just a few personal touches can make a difference in the personality of the ceremony. A funny story or a serious story both work but it is important that the story feels natural and not forced or made up.  Sometimes the story only relates for the time that the couple has known the person conducting the ceremony as they have not had a relationship before that.  That may make it a little bit trickier but likely one or two stories can be found in that time.  If not, a general but interesting story can be used.

If you have known the person marrying you for a while, especially as a couple, it can be much easier to find these little antidotes to add to the ceremony.  You only need a story that takes 30 seconds and it does not have to be long and involved just a little something to add interest to the ceremony and wake up the audience.

Having a Perfect Wedding Day

For most brides, their wedding is the most important day of their life up to that point.  And for that reason, they want it to be perfect.  But as most people know, this can be a difficult thing to achieve as there are always bad things waiting in the wings to come out and destroy the day.  That said, if you want perfection, there are some precautions that you can take to try and help your day to go as wonderfully as you want.  

Ask friends and family to help you out with a variety tasks during the day.  It is best to give them a list or notes about what you want or what is expected.  You do need to be careful how you handle this as you do not want to be seen as a Bridezilla and get everyone mad at you and hope that your day goes horribly wrong.  Ask a few different people to overlook different aspects of things as if you ask just one person they will not be able to enjoy the wedding and visit with family and friends and may resent you.  If you ask them to check the reception, tell them what is expected such as the cake set up on a table with rose petals around it or a chocolate fountain with five kinds of fruit.

Another option would be to hire a wedding planner who would take care of all these details for you and keep the day on track and organized, but due to the cost involved, this is not an option for everyone to use on their wedding day.


The Valentine's Day Wedding | Tacky or Romantic?

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Tuesday, but the weekend prior to it is fair game for a Valentine-themed wedding. And, you guessed it, I am invited to one. Don’t get me wrong, like most couples, the bride and groom are super cute and in love. I am more than happy to go to their wedding, whatever day they decide to tie the knot.

However, I am easily tempted to analyze whether or not I like the whole red and white theme. I am curious if everyone thinks it is tacky or not. Or, if like true romantics, you find the whole thing dreamy. In any case, here are a few tips for the reception, if you decide to marry mid-February.

Tip 1: Red and white is a classic color combination. Red, pink and white is a kindergartner’s wardrobe.

Tip 2: Underscoring the theme with a heart-shaped ice sculpture is understated and sophisticated. Hearts inscribed on every not-nailed-down surface is just annoying.   

Tip 3: Red velvet cupcakes would be a unique addition to a dessert tale. An entire appetizer selection of red foods would be gross.

Tip 4: A white wedding dress with red trim or a red sash is very popular and elegant. A flaming red dress is a bit much, unless you are known for fashion that is out there.

Tip 5: A little bit of kitsch never hurt anyone. Why not include those candy message hearts in a favor bag. It’s a bit of Valentine’s Day nostalgia for everyone.


Can Beige BE a Wedding Color?

Everyone always asks me what my wedding “colors” were. I love weddings. I love wedding colors. But, um, I didn’t have any.

My entire wedding consisted of just 14 people in a private, family ceremony on Mackinaw Island, overlooking Lake Michigan. I had one bridesmaid, my sister. I was lucky in the sense that I didn’t have to fit both the tastes and body types of a ton of bridesmaids. She was lucky in the sense that I know her taste. She is plain, simple and subtle. Nothing bright. Nothing flashy. Nothing shiny or sparkley or glittery or sequiny. It was limiting, but I love her.

So, I guess my wedding color was beige. LOL. I found her a simple taupe tank dress/sheeth with an even simpler gauzy overlay. It rocked the word subtle and gave simple a run for its money. In other words, it was perfect - for her. My dress was officially called “rum pink” and all the other female guests (all five of them) wore shades of white, ivory, pink and peach. 

Oddly enough, she was away in the Peace Corps when we got engaged. My mom and I actually shipped a tape measure to her via the only method at the time, “slow boat”. It took forever. Ok, forever and a day. Once she received it, she had some other ex pats take her measurements and then she called it in to her supervisor in D.C., who let my mom know.

If you think that was tricky, she arrived home three days before the actually wedding. I picked her up at the airport, hugged her to bits because I hadn’t seen her in two years and then drove straight to the seamstress’ personal atelier. She freelanced out of the bridal salon and had this cute little, one room studio overlooking a park where she actually worked.

The dress fit perfect, literally flawlessly. The hem was intentionally left unfinished to give each seamstress the fabric she needed, so that was fixed but, other than that, nothing needed to be done. My sister is tall and well-endowed so finding clothes to fit is always trickier, but this time we lucked out. We picked up the dress less than 36 hours later and drove the 5.5 hours to Mackinaw Island. It all came together but, boy, was it close.  

Top 6 Brown Color Combos


Brown. For some it conjures up thoughts of the seventies, much like avocado green and harvest gold. For others, perhaps those who didn’t actually live through the seventies, it is the trendy new, neutral, perfect for combining with other colors for a stylishly hot wedding palette. What do you mix with brown to jazz it up and make it look fresh, not dated? Try these on for size:

1.    Pale Blue: Pale blue and brown is a subtle combination that is classic. If you like it but are looking for something a little more lively, try a shade of blue closer to Robin’s Egg, like the signature Tiffany Blue.

2.    Lime Green: For an earthy, natural setting, lime green pairs beautifully with brown. In fact, that avocado green has been replaced by the newer lime green to the applause of many.


3.    Pink: From hot pink to a barely there blush, pink and brown look fabulous together. In fact, this trendy combo has made its mark on everything from baby bedding to fashionista’s closets.

4.    Orange: If you are daring, you can mix a neutral brown with pops of a vibrant orange. This combination is not for the faint of heart. If you have the guts, it looks stunning.

5.    Purple: Whether you go with a darker eggplant or an electric purple, adding it to brown can add some pizazz to a traditional reception.

6.    Red: Not candy apple red but a dark, rich, luscious red combines well with an equally lush chocolate brown. It is just yum on so many levels.