Engagement Rings 101: Multiple Diamonds

Engagement Rings 101: Multiple Diamonds

Besides diamond cut and color, there are other factors which affect what you’ll pay for a ring and the overall impression your ring will give. Number and size of stones used can certainly make a difference. We’ll look at some of the most popular multiple-diamond settings that are commonly used for engagement rings.

Three Stone Engagement Rings: Gaining popularity in recent years is the three-stone ring featuring either three stones matched-for-size or an arrangement in which the middle diamond slightly outweighs the two flanking stones.

This style can be a pleasant surprise to the diamond-shopping ingénue: while its attention-catching arrangement might suggest a higher price tag, you’ll usually spend less on a three-stone style than on a solitaire ring of the same carat. This happens because it’s more rare to find a large diamond of a certain carat than a smaller one.

As for the accompanying band, many couples choose something simple and traditional since the stone arrangement looks ornate. By opting for a modest band, you can assure that the stones will stand out and that the overall appearance of the ring will be impressive, not overwhelming. Many fancy, multiple-diamond engagement rings are sold as a set, along with a matching wedding ring to ensure that the two rings will fit and complement each other beautifully.

Solitaire with Diamond Surround: Other multiple-diamond rings feature a solitaire diamond encircled by smaller diamonds, making the ring seem grander. This is a popular choice for rings featuring colored diamonds such as the one worn by Carrie Underwood. Jewelry design brand Danhov have one of the most extensive collections of this style of engagement rings, in a huge range of diamond shapes. This style is also often used to add size and value to rings featuring a semi-precious central stone such as an Amethyst, Sapphire or Ruby.

Pave Diamonds: Even more ornate rings feature tiny stones channel set into the top or the sides of the band also. Rings will multiple-diamonds offer a much wider choice of styles than solitaire rings, and if you are looking for a more unique way to express your love for one another, then browsing these rings will certainly let you explore more options than traditional single stone rings. Many antique rings also come with multiple stone settings which can add a touch of vintage style to a wedding.

Composite Diamonds: Another way to create an illusion of size is to choose a ring that features a cluster of smaller diamonds, which are set close together and designed to give the impression of a large, single stone. These rings often create an illusion of a larger central stone at a much lower price although status snobs won't be fooled! Expect an increase in popularity of these rings, however, since Edward presented Bella with an antique engagement ring featuring a setting with multiple small diamonds in the Twilight movie Eclipse.

Taking all these considerations account, the most important consideration is to choose a style that with mesh well with the bride’s lifestyle, the hands-on activities she routinely engages in, and her personal sense of style.