Everyday People Cartoons

Everyday People Cartoons

I love these quirky cartoons from artists Cathy Thorne.  Her sketches are an astute and comical look at women, our relationships and our lives.  They are an ideal pick me up for when you are feeling blue, or having one of those "no-one understands me" days.  If you are planning a wedding, her relationships section features some particularly great gems of insight and wisdom.

I advise making the site your homepage for a daily dose of light hearted words of wisdom as you go about the stresses of wedding planning.  Sometimes all we need is to take a moment to laugh and remember to not take life too seriously in order to feel better about a situation. I particularly like the cartoon that reads "Today I will live in the moment...unless the moment is unpleasant, in which case I will eat a cookie."

The books make great bridesmaid gifts, as do all of the products available at Cathy's Cafepress store featuring your favorite cartoon.  And if you love these cartoons and want to have them while you are at the florists, the hotel or the ateliers, if you have an iPhone, there's even an app for that!

Since the cartoons are designed to be "about women, and the people who love and annoy them" it might even be a good idea to point your other half in the direction of her work. 

You can read more cartoons, learn about Cathy Thorne, and buy her books and products at Everyday People Cartoons.