Fascinators for Brides, Bridesmaids, and Wedding Guests

Fascinators for Brides, Bridesmaids, and Wedding Guests

The Ultimate Wedding Accessory

Whether bride or wedding guest, a fascinator is a chic, fashion forward wedding accessory you should not be without.  Fascinators at their base definition are simple a small head covering, originally created with crochet and have evolved to be created out of almost anything.  The most popular materials being horsehair, feathers, flowers, and anything made of silk, taffeta, organza or satin.  Most fascinators, especially for brides, are adorned with French or Russian netting (usually called birdcage veils) or traditional tulle.  Learn a little more about the history of the fascinator here at the wedding accessory blog Everything But The Dress.

Fascinators were incredibly popular up through the 1950s when they started giving way to the traditional veil, but have recently become more popular, partly due to all the recent buzz around the recent royal wedding of William and Katherine.  Who did not enjoy looking at all those fabulous fascinators and hats on the day of the wedding?  While a cocktail hat may not be practical, a fascinator almost always is appropriate since they comes in all shapes and sizes.  I love these petite comb, above, the Chloe piece created with new and vintage components.

Opt for a simple hair comb with a few feathers and crystals if you are attending a wedding or just looking for a small piece to accent your bridal updo.  Petite hair combs created with flowers and feather accents come in a variety of colors to match almost any outfit.  If you are the bride, you are in luck!  Tons of fascinators are appearing in bridal magazines and local shops.  Opt for a piece that makes a bigger statement.  Try a smashing petite hat form with some tulle and pearls.  Fascinators are perfect for the bride that wants to wear something, but is not in love with the idea of a traditional veil.  Even if you are planning a simple vow renewal, a fascinator can be a perfect adornment.   Try something in sturdy horsehair for a beach side vow renewal, I love the Dotty Hat by Sara Gabriel, above. You can even let your bridesmaids in on the fun.  Many designers create pretty pieces with multiple colors.  Black is a popular, and frequently available color that goes with anything.  Adorn your bridesmaids’ hair dos with a small tuft of black feathers or try petite flowers on a small jaw clip.

Where to shop?  Most bridal shops should have something that suits your fancy, or check out Etsy.com for more options than you can sift through in one sitting.  Just make sure you know what the materials are.  You will want apiece made of high quality, real materials so it will last through the event and for years to come.  Vintage stores are also a great place to shop.  Feeling like spending a bit more?  Search for a local milliner that can create a custom piece just for you.  This pretty piece above, was custom designed with green accents to match a wedding theme by Canadian designer Laura Jayne Bridal

So get to google and find that perfect piece for your next event, whether it is a bridal shower, honeymoon getaway, vow renewal, or your own wedding.  Whatever you choose, you are sure to be a smashing success at any party.