A Favor Idea to Go Nuts Over

A Favor Idea to Go Nuts Over

If you’ve been searching for a unique, out of the ordinary idea for your wedding favors, Superiornutstore.com has just the thing to add a touch of special sweetness to your special day. The Superior Nut Company started out as a one-person operation in Massachusetts in 1929 producing quality nut products for retail stores. Their line soon expanded from little tins of salted nuts to peanut and other specialty brittles, and continued expanding into the wide variety of high quality nuts, dried fruits and gourmet chocolates they offer today.

Their selections for wedding favor treats include specialty chocolate and yogurt covered pretzels, traditional and classic Jordan almonds, fine gourmet chocolates, rich espresso beans, jelly beans, and much more. You can choose from a vast selection of premium quality goodies online by type, color, and flavor. Items chosen as wedding favors are packaged in lovely little organza bags, so you won’t even have to do anything more than unpack them when they arrive.

The company ships worldwide, offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and 99% of their orders ship the same day to ensure you get the finest and freshest candies in plenty of time for your wedding or bridal shower. In addition, shoppers within the continental United States get free shipping on orders of $250 and up.

Superior Nut Company takes pride in their fine reputation for not only producing fresh, high quality gourmet products, but also for being recognized for its strong ecological commitment. The company was presented with a prestigious Environmental Merit Award by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for its forest plantation located in Central America.

So there you have it! A fun favor idea with zero hassle that is good for the environment too! Go nuts!