Flower Power

Flower Power

For many brides diamonds are out, and petals are in.  Rather than tiaras, brides are choosing large ornamental flowers to wear in their hair on their special day.  This style choice is great for information, outdoor or destination weddings.

While it's true you could simply buy silk flowers from a craft store and pin them in your hair,  I encourage you to check out some of the talented designers who handmade beautiful, delicate and elaborate creations for brides.  Working with silk flowers,Swarovski crystals, feathers and a variety of other high quality materials, these artists create fanciful visions that are ready to adorn any bride's hairdo.

Mikiye Creations
Delicate flowers made with organza, silk and freshwater pearls, these delights are big, beautiful yet not overbearing.  Buy from Mikiye Creations on Etsy.  One of my favorites is this large peony style flower with multiple layers of petals in shimmering silk and sheer organza, with pearls and crystals in the centre.

Avalon Fantasy
Circlets, fairy crowns, wreaths and slides,  if you are a flower enthusiast you will love these designs.  Ideal for flower girls, or medieval style brides.

St Jude's CreationsWhen these guys say handmade, they mean handmade.  Each individual petal is made using materials ranging from paper to imported silks.  Exquisite and couture, these high class flowers are understated in the way that only true luxury can be.  Why not try colored flowers for a bold look?  Bright flowers look great for tropical weddings or brides with dark hair and skin tones.

This designer has some striking handmade bridal hair clips.  I love the crimped poppy flowers.  They are available in a range of colors, so they are ideal for bridesmaids.  The large white Camelia Flowers Trio is sure to complement any kind of wedding gown and is a bold focal piece for your hair.

Flowers can be used to decorate your wedding do much in the same way that other hair ornaments are.  Coronets can replace tiaras, forming a crown of delicate flowers around your head.  Large single flowers look great pinned to one side of a largeupdo,  while smaller flowers can be clipped in just about any arrangement.  

One of my favorite flower hair trends at the moment is the hair vine.  These delicate wire strands are decorated with pearl flowers and crystal or glass beads, and are designed to be woven into your hair by your stylist to create a stunning but subtle effect.  Your hair usually disguises the wire, making it look as if the delicate ivory flowers are floating lightly atop your hair.  These pearl flowers and silver vines also come on combs or hair slides so that you can get the same effect with less work. 

Remember, that while in the church, all of your wedding guests will be staring at the back of your head, so why not give them something beautiful to look at!

Whatever option you choose, wearing flowers in your hair adds natural beauty and a timeless style to your wedding look.