Food Glorious Food: Delicious Wedding Meal Ideas

Food Glorious Food: Delicious Wedding Meal Ideas

Most wedding receptions feature the same old menu.. soup or seafood, chicken or fish, cheese and coffee. However, if predictable meals are not your thing, and you’d rather give your guests a surprise taste sensation, how about serving up something a little more unusual?

For a summer wedding, why not try a garden picnic? Ideal for brides on a budget, this can be prepared yourself at home or by a helpful friend or family member. Serve sandwiches filled with chicken, egg and smoked salmon along with gallons of homemade lemonade. Team up with sides of potato salad, chicken wings and crisp salads and serve on picnic tables for an outdoor buffet. For dessert, don’t forget the cookies, cakes and muffins. Spread pretty blankets and rugs on the lawn for your guests to sit on or hire picnic tables to be decorated with simple vases of flowers. Serve on paper plates with floral designs to save on washing up. Perfect for lounging around on a warm day, especially with a live band playing in the background.

If you fancy something a little more exotic, how about a curry? Indian meals are getting more and more popular for wedding food, and some specialist catering companies even have Indian Tapas options, providing bite sized tasters of everything that Asian cuisine has to offer. You could serve a selection of curries from Kormas to Vindaloos to ensure there is something mild- or spicy- enough for every guest’s taste. Go for the whole theme with pilau

rice and a variety of naan bread. Don’t forget the poppadoms; serve with chutneys and mint yogurts in silver colored containers on each table. These are perfect in the colder months to heat you up next to a warm fire. Why not extend the concept into the whole reception and decorate in a Bollywood theme with plenty of colorful silk sari fabric and glittering gold accents.

What if you’re a vegetarian? There are loads of options for vegetarian wedding meals. Go Italian with a tomato and red pepper pasta. If you eat dairy, you can sprinkle Parmesan over the top for a delicious cheesy vegetable bake. Serve with crusty baguettes and, of course, bread sticks. Or how about a garlic bread? Just don’t forget the mints afterwards! For dessert, what could be better suited to an Italian themed meal than Tiramisu? Delicious! You could even hire singing waiters to burst into Italian operatic singing during the meal and surprise your guests.

Canapes are also a brilliant way to express your creative side through food. Try mini cheeseburgers or hotdogs if you want a patriotic feel, or create tiny newspaper cones filled with fish and chips for a British theme. For a sweeter idea how about small pavlovas or chocolate cups filled with fruit? A delicious and unique way to keep your guests going until it’s time for the meal.

Your wedding feast should reflect your own personal tastes, rather than those of the venue or caterer, so let your imagination go wild and give your guests a meal to remember.