Gifts Your Bridesmaids WON'T Love

Gifts Your Bridesmaids WON'T Love

We all know wedding budgets are stretched thin, especially now.  The average cost of a wedding is around $27,000*!  So while all the bridesmaids in the world feel your pain, they all also beg you to put a little thought into the gifts you choose to give them.  The internet is full of “bridesmaid” gifts that will get stashed in the back of a closet or dropped off at the nearest thrift store.  Avoid being that bride by opting to give your bridesmaids gifts you know they will love!  

Here are some gifts to pass over on your shopping trips...

Anything with your name on it.  While monogrammed gifts and personalized items can be thoughtful and beautiful, a personalized item that features the bride and groom on will not be popular among your bridal party.  Your friends love you, but not enough to want to see “Nancy and Scott, July 5th, 2010” everytime when they use their gift.

“Wedding Day” Jewelry.  If you are going to pick out gorgeous pieces of jewelry that you know each one of your girls will love, would purchase for themselves, and can wear again, please go ahead.  But if you are looking at a “bridesmaid jewelry set “ that is made of faux pearls, tiny crystals, and clear jewelry wire in goldenrod because it is one of your wedding colors, think about how you would feel if you received the same thing.  Purchasing jewelry for your bridesmaids is optional.  You can always tell your girls what kind of jewelry to wear that day instead.

One piece of a set.  A popular bridesmaid and groomsman gift are engraved mugs or glasses.  While a whole set of these might be a nice addition to their home, one wine glass with a “K” engraved into it will probably not get used very much.

A Bridesmaid Picture Frame.  Again, your friends love you, but a reminder of how they were the bridesmaid and not the bride again, might be too sad for some of your friends.  Try a photo frame in a neutral pewter or in a color you know will match their décor if you want to go the picture frame route. 

A Monogram Lunch Tote, a Flask, or a Beverage Holder.  While these are very popular with bridesmaid gift designers, how many people do you know that carry any of these things on a daily basis?  A flask might be fun for a bachelorette party night on the town, but do you want your bridesmaids showing up to the ceremony drunk?  Because they might if you decide to give them a flask as a present at the rehearsal dinner.

Have heart.  There are tons of thoughtful, nice gifts to give your bridal party that say thank you AND are budget friendly.  Remember the reason you are giving them a gift at all is because you want to say thank you for supporting you through thick and thin and loving you enough to stand up at your wedding as a supporter of your marriage.  Just keep your friends’ tastes and needs in mind and you choose something they love.

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