A Great Place to Find Magical Wedding Lighting

A Great Place to Find Magical Wedding Lighting

I am a firm believer that good lighting gives a magical quality to a wedding, yet it is an area that is often overlooked.  If you’ve been searching for the perfect lighting scheme for your wedding event, let me introduce you to a great site online that is the secret of many high end wedding planners and venues.  Lamplust offer a vast selection of innovative contemporary lights that will make any wedding shine!

Flameless Candles

If you’re envisioning the old plastic flameless candles from a few years ago, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.  The warm ambient light of these flameless candles mirrors the glow and flicker of live candles so well, you and your guests will double-check to be sure they aren’t real. There are candles to match nearly any décor: slim, sophisticated electric tapers, long lasting battery operated scented and unscented candles in several colors, and rechargeable tea lights in frosted glass.  Some have a life-like "melted candle" look.

Outdoor Lighting

If an outdoor ceremony is in the plans, consider lanterns and weather resistant flameless candles.  While they shouldn’t be directly exposed to rain, they’ll hold up just fine under an outdoor tent with no risk of fire and will provide reliable atmospheric lighting regardless of wind.  Because there is no open flame, you can safely tuck these candles away in just about any corner of the garden,  letting you place sparkling lights all around!

Chinese Lanterns

The only thing I love at a wedding more than candles are chinese lanterns.  How about solar powered lanterns in a choice of eight colors?  A day’s worth of sunlight will fire up a warm and elegant glow for you and your guests at an elegant evening affair.  Hang them in the branches of trees lining the entrance for a spectacular effect.


Forget flowers that can wither, and won't last past the wedding.  Consider investing in beautiful table lamps to wow your guests.  Or go old school with candelabras for some classic romance!  Hurricane lanterns also make adorable centrepieces, and can be surrounded by other decorations to complete a theme.  You might even find that buying lights as centrepieces turns out cheaper than floral arrangements.

The use of flameless candles for special events offers several benefits beyond the safety issue. In addition to not having to worry about live candles being accidentally toppled over, no flame means no smoke, no mess, no searching for matches, and no worries about relighting candles that have blown out.  You can also keep the lights long after your wedding, recreating the effect in your new home together.