Great Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress

Great Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress

Brides spend so much time and energy into choosing just the right wedding dress for their big day that it seems a shame to retire it to a life wrapped in plastic and stuck in the back of a closet after just one day of being worn.  Although many women enjoy the idea of bringing it out for their daughter to use, the chances are that in twenty to thirty years fashion will have moved on so far that the look on your daughter's face when she sees your gown might not exactly be one of joy and awe.  (Honestly, would you wear your mother's wedding gown?)

Here are some productive ideas for recycling your wedding dress into other keepsakes that will be more appreciated.

Pass on the Love with Christening gowns

I love the sentimental aspect of this idea.  The white wedding gown fabric lends itself perfectly to being cut up and designed into christening gowns for your children.

Show off a New Dress or Skirt

The obvious way to get more life out of your wedding gown is to make some adjustments until it is a suitable cocktail dress or formal skirt.  Since your gown was custom fitted to you, you can be assured of always looking your best in your new frock! Most wedding dresses will dye well, letting you pick the color of your new garment.  The type of designs that will lend themselves to your wedding gown will, of course, depend on the general style of your dress. Simple wedding dresses with a natural drape are easier tore-purpose than heavily structured gowns with a boned bodice and full skirt.

Save the Sequins (and other embellishments)

If your wedding gown is encrusted with sequins, pearls, ace and crystals you might want to harvest these for use in a variety of projects, from decorating soft furnishings and purses to making your own jewelry and hair ornaments.

Make Your Own Purse

Heavier satins and man made fabrics from wedding dresses can be salvaged to create some beautiful purses.  Add sparkling sequins and crystals for a formal look, or leave simple and dye the fabric for a more everyday look.  You can also make a drawstring bag from your wedding dress and use it to store keepsakes from the wedding, such as an invitation, favours, pressed flowers and your garter.

Remember the Date with a Memory Cushion

Embroider a square of fabric from your wedding dress with your wedding date, and stitch into a cushion for a sentimental keepsake to pop onto your bed or hang in your dresser.  You can add a few drops ofessential oils such as lavender to ensure a restful sleep and keep away moths.  Even better, your husband will never have an excuse to forget your wedding anniversary!

Since most gowns tend to consist of large amounts of fabric, you can probably choose several of these ideas - and still enjoy the luxury of lots of room for error, if your craft project doesn't go quite according to plan!