Green Color Schemes | Think Spring

Green Color Schemes | Think Spring

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, I thought we could discuss green color schemes for weddings. Green is also the color of spring and new beginnings so we have a lot of options.

1.    If you wanted an Irish-themed wedding to reflect your (or the groom’s) cultural heritage, that’s great. A wedding dress with a green sash would be amazing. Crisp white and a nice Kelly green are a classic combination that never goes out of style. If you want to push it over the top, throw some orange into the mix.

2.    For an updated and uber-trendy look, try combining a rich forest green with chocolate brown. This earthy and natural color scheme can breathe a little life into the cold winter months or it could reflect your love of nature. A dark chocolate with ivy instead of flowers with be perfect here, not to mention, tasty!

3.    For a cheerful spring look, try a monochromatic blend of several shades of green. A vibrant chartreuse with darker shades like forest and evergreen would just be a fresh face after a long winter. You could even save a little bit of money and keep the floral arrangements and bouquets simple, with overflowing greenery and little to no flowers. Little clay pots of grass scattered throughout

4.    Green and purple just tells everyone that the bride loves purple and the groom loves her. Think sweet violets. Lavender lilacs with trailing ivy. Funky purple gels on the dance floor lighting. Go for it.