Guide to Giving a Great Wedding Speech Part 2

Guide to Giving a Great Wedding Speech Part 2

Perhaps the most nerve wracking part of your speech is actually standing in front of people and reading it out. Some people find it easy to speak in public while others break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of it. If you fall into the second category here are some performance tips to ease your nerves and help you get through it.

When your speech is all written, give it a read out loud. (It may be best to try this when your fiance is out of the house- you don’t want your other half overhearing before the big day!). The whole speech should flow nicely in a logical order and ideally will be around 5-7 minutes long: You don’t want your guests snoozing off!

Make any tweaks that the speech needs, and read aloud again. Repeat until the speech is perfected.

The next step is to read it aloud to someone else. Ask for their honest opinion and try to take their ideas on board.

It’s no good having a perfect speech on paper if you can’t deliver it on the day. Practice is the key word here- at any spare moment, practice speaking the speech aloud. You want to become familiar with the words so that they flow effortlessly on the day without having to read it word for word.

On the flip side don’t be tempted to simply memorize the full speech or you may sound more robotic on the day. Trying to memorize it without help can also increase your nerves.

Buy some pretty card and cut into small squares to use as cue cards. This gives you a sense of security in case you forget your next point or lose your place. You could easily decorate the cards to match your theme so they’re pretty and practical.

Keep practicing and you will have the speech perfected in no time!

On the Day
You can have everything planned, prepared and practiced and then suddenly on the day nothing seems as easy as it did at home. With so many people looking at you, you’re under increased pressure and you’re probably already emotional. There are no rules on when the bride should speak so you can decide when you would prefer it- get it over and done with at the start or put it off until the end, it’s up to you.

Before you stand up, drink a few sips of water and take some deep breaths. Don’t be tempted to rush your words. Speak slowly and clearly, so that everyone can hear. Be prepared to get a little emotional and make sure you have some tissues nearby!

Hopefully this guide has given you some pointers on how to write a speech to remember. This is your chance to say all the things you have always wanted to say, so don’t shy away from it. With a bit of work and practice, it will be a fantastic highlight to your day and a memory that your husband will cherish forever.