The House of Dagnez

The House of Dagnez

For years, the House of Dagnez was a small, family run design house in Poland. Ewa Dunikowska, the principal designer at the fashion house, inadvertently changed all that with her fabulous wedding gown collections, taking The House of Dagnez from a regional source of niche gowns to a well-known and respected name in the world of bridal fashion.

Long a household name in Poland, the House of Dagnez is the go-to designer for Polish brides. They also specialize in unusual evening gowns and other formal attire,  all with a dramatic and daring flair. The popularity of their designs landed on center stage when Ewa Dunikowska’s gowns began showing up on beauty pageant contestants and high society brides in and around Poland. In no time women from all over Europe were clamoring for a House of Dagnez gown.

With their rising popularity, the House of Dagnez began to export their fantastic creations in 2005. The world instantly took notice of the unconventional dresses and the House of Dagnez became a worldwide name in the bridal gown industry.

This season’s bridal collection is stunning, with plenty of eccentric details for a bride looking for a gown that is a little bit different. Classic silhouettes are modernized with leather and crystal embellishments. Romantic gowns have touches of color along the hem; a light rose pattern embroidered with the finest of silks. Color can also be found in the dresses themselves. Several of the gowns in this year’s line break new ground and move away from the traditional sea of white by incorporating colored chiffons in aqua, teal, and lemon.  After all, why should color be reserved for the bridesmaids?

Another attraction of a House of Dagnez gown is Ewa Dunikowska's fervent passion for sourcing the finest of fabrics for her designs. Natural dupion silk, Scottish wool, Irish linen, silk organza and chiffon, and taffeta are all imported from the best suppliers to make each dress meet her luxurious standards. Most gowns in the collection are only produced a limited number of times making them instant collector’s items and reducing the chances of a House of Dagnez bride looking the same as every other.

All House of Dagnez gowns are well constructed to fit any body type, and  while some designers focus more on the gown than the wearer, tailoring their collection for perfectly proportioned models,Ewa Dunikowska deliberately designs with the real woman in mind.

She also enjoys challenging the normal concept of what a wedding gown should be.  In a Polish Market article she made the following comment about her design ethic: “There are no conventions – every dress is supposed to give the woman the feeling of uncommonness, enormous femininity, and beauty irrespective of whether the dress is simple and modest or whether it is an elaborate ‘work of art’.”

At the House of Dagnez,  there is no doubt that each wedding gown in her stunning collection can be considered a ‘work of art’.