How To RSVP to a Wedding

How To RSVP to a Wedding



Summer is almost officially here and with it comes wedding season!  Your mailbox has probably already started to play host to invitations to wedding showers, engagement parties, and the big event itself – your friend’s wedding!  But knowing how to fill out those little response cards can be tricky.  Here is what you need to know to fill out those little cards.

Check the date
Response cards should have a date located on them, typically they will say “The favor of your response is requested by ____.”  Pay attention to this date and make sure your response is in the mail before this date.  The bride and groom need to know who is coming to order meals and create seating charts.  The sooner you get your response to them the better

M___________ and the RSVP

Formal response cards will feature an “M” followed by a line.  This is the start of your Mr., Miss, or Mrs.  So fill out your name and the name of any other invited quests (they will be indicated on the inner envelope of your invitation).  If your entire family is invited, say you, your spouse, and your two children, it is perfectly acceptable to write Mr. John Smith and Family if everyone is attending.  If you are attending, but your wife is not, it may be helpful to include a separate note explaining this.  If there is no line, make sure your name is somewhere on the card.  Some cards come with your name pre-printed on the response card.

The response
If there is a blank line after your write your name, simply write “will attend” or “will not attend.” 

Another option you may see would be  “Will ______ Attend.”  With this, if you are planning to attend the wedding, leave it blank.  If you will not be going to the wedding, write “not” on the line.  Some people choose to write “happily” on the blank line if you will be attending.

The third most common response option will have your name and below it a line that says “#______ will attend.”  In this case, write the number of invited guests that will be attending, including yourself.  Please note that this does not mean you can write any number of guests.  If it was just you invited, this does not mean you can bring a gift.

Other options will have a line to check if you are attending or not.  Just read the card and use your best judgment.  If all else fails or if no response card was included, the most formal RSVP is a simple hand written card stating your intention to attend or your regret at not being able to attend.

The meal
On some response cards you will be asked to select your meal.  Think carefully, as changing your selection afterwards is a big no-no.  If more than one guest was asked to attend and multiple options are indicated, write your initials next to the entrée you would like.

Most important? Don’t stress, being invited to a wedding is an honor and the bride and groom will be delighted you are attending.