Interview with Wedding Planner Wayne Gurnick - Part 1

Interview with Wedding Planner Wayne Gurnick - Part 1

What made you become a wedding planner?
I began my career in the wedding industry as a florist.  Owning and operating a retail flower and design store with emphasis in the wedding industry for many years.  When I sold my store, I realized that there was a need in the industry for a competent wedding planner / designer who could see and realize the Bride’s vision for everything that is involved in planning and designing exceptional weddings. My experience allowed me to continue to service Brides and Grooms, their families and friends by taking an initial vision and making it a reality.

What is your favourite part of the job?
I am allowed to enter the lives of my clients for a finite period of time. I get to know them well as we work through the elements of life that come together to create an incredible moment in time that they will remember forever.

Do you prefer for the brides to be totally hands off or have some input?
I serve my clients best when they are able to be themselves when they work with me. I feel it is very important for Brides to be involved at a level that is comfortable to them. So I guess I would say that I do not have a preference and leave that decision up to the clients.

What is the hardest part of the job?
Finding the balance between the “wants” and “desires” of clients and the “budgets”.  Everyone has a budget in mind when planning a wedding.  Most of the time the vision is so much larger than the budgets will allow.  It is my job to get the most for the dollars spent and I am always working my magic to provide just that. I must also add that I enjoy this challenge as it pushes me to work harder, strive for more and keeps me fresh.

Have you ever had any last minute disasters at one of your weddings and how did you deal with it?
I would not consider any of the challenges that I have worked through as “disasters”.  I consider them to be “challenges”.  Every wedding or event provides opportunities for things to stray from the desired path.  When so many vendors and guests come together for a life cycle event such as a wedding, anything can and will happen. I have learned over the years that it is the professional that is best equipped to handle any occurrence.

With that said, I can give one example of a challenge that came up just before guest arrival. The limousine driver accidentally drove over a portion of the lawn at a private estate and broke the main water line and sent gallons of water rushing to the front door of the home.  I quickly directed staff to turn off the main water source; we pumped the water off the walkway and laid a runner of white carpet to cover the area that was soaked with mud and water.  Guests arrived and had no idea that there was a problem.  During the cocktail hour we had plumbers fixing the main water supply line and by the time that the guests were entering the dining tent, the issue was handled and the main water supply was turned back on.

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