Keren Peled Wedding Jewelry

Keren Peled Wedding Jewelry

The bride-to-be with a discerning eye for unique bridal jewelry far beyond the classic set of pearls would do well to set her sights on the romantic and timeless jewelry created by designer Keren Peled.

Keren’s appreciation for the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, Latin America and Europe, coupled with her travels around the world fueled a lifelong passion for creating beautiful jewelry. Her artistic talent and unique vision led her to design and create intricately detailed pieces made from sterling silver or gold filled wire, elegantly meshed with semi-precious gemstones such as garnet, amber and freshwater pearls.

Her ethereal and romantic collection featuring a distinctive macramé knotting technique with wire has been displayed in magazines, featured on television, and has appeared on New York City’s Bryant Park runway, at Los Angeles’ 2008 Fashion Week runway, and has also been displayed at juried exhibitions across the country.

Keren's designs are also popular with the glitterati of Hollywood: Singer Alicia Keys wore earrings from Keren Peled’s collection while appearing live on Good Morning America, and singer-actress Jill Scott also wore earrings from Keren’s line at a recent film screening.

Fine Jewelry, Ebony, Essence, Wedding Style, Hong Kong’s Cover, and InStyle German Magazine are just a few of the many international fashion publications that have featured the work of this wonderfully talented artisan.

Keren’s unique and delightfully intricate jewelry collection can be purchased wholesale and retail online at, and in stores across the United States, as well as in Japan, The Netherlands, London and Scotland.