Light Up Your Outdoor Wedding

Light Up Your Outdoor Wedding

I love outdoor weddings.  As day turns to night, and soft lights start twinkling, and the sound of romantic music mingles with laughter there is a special atmosphere that envelops the evening.  Of course, the crucial component to this atmosphere are the lights and there has never been a larger selection to choose from.  Here are some of my favourite lighting ideas for an evening outdoor wedding:

The oldest and most traditional way of creating romantic lighting is through the use of candles.   Whether you use tiny votives or large pillar candles, there is something special about the flickering glow from candles.  One drawback is that the slightest breeze can cause the flames to stutter and blow out.  Try putting your candles inside high sided votive holders or invest in rechargeable, battery powered flameless candles which you will be able to use for years after your wedding.

Light up Centrepieces
Make your lights a feature in and of themselves.  Place candelabras or hurricane lamps in the centre of each table to add drama and light.  Or buy some of the stunning portable lamps available.  My favorite at the moment is this beautiful and elegant lamp which is solar powered, so it can charge up during the day and then provide a soft, portable light through the evening.  If you like a more traditional look,  try these blown glass globes, which are also solar powered and can be hung from branches or inside any gazebo or pavilion.  The advantage of lanterns such as this is that they offer the reliability of electrical lights without the hassle of wires, cables and power sources.

Chinese Paper Lanterns
If you want more than just light, you can also add color and a touch of ethnicity with strings of Chinese paper lanterns.  These little gems come in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and even better they are super affordable, so you won't break your budget.  Check out the range at the Paper Lantern Store or Luna Bazaar for a slightly more up market selection.

Buy single lamps to dot around your venue,  or strings of lights to wrap around trees and structures or drape across open spaces.

Wish Lanterns
Possibly the most awe inspiring wedding trend in the last ten years, these lights are released into the sky during your evening reception for a stunning display.  Wish Lanterns are made of all biodegradable materials so that they are a green option for your wedding.

Whichever lighting you choose,  always keep safety in mind.  Keep open flames away from decorations and ensure that candles are stored in suitable containers.  I once saw several small glass bowls explode at a wedding because the flame of thetea lights inside super heated the glass rim.   Also be careful not to overload power sources, and don't use too many extension cords or expander sockets and ensure that all wiring and cables are kept out of the path of walkways or are carefully covered up to prevent your guests tripping.