Pretty Wedding Jewelry

Pretty Wedding Jewelry

To complete your beautiful wedding look, you need some stunning jewelry. Whether that's something classic, something elegant or something a little bit crazy a small collection of jewelry will complete your look and make you look amazing. The rule with jewelry is to go subtle: Too much and you could end up looking more like a Christmas tree. Just a couple of strategically- placed pieces will pick up your outfit and finish it off gorgeously. I've scoured websites left, right and center to find you the ideal jewelry for your look- whatever your style.



Diamonds are a girl's best friend, as Marilyn Monroe famously sang. If you have never worn diamonds before, your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to do so. Beautiful shiny diamonds look fantastic all year around, especially when they catch the light. have a huge range of breathtaking diamonds to suit all styles. Their solitaire necklaces are elegant in their simplicity so they won't overpower your outfit but instead add a delicate glimmer. With prices ranging from $485 to $5259 there is a necklace to suit all budgets. They also sell some gorgeous earrings, both stud and drop, to match all their necklaces from $268 to a whopping $7480! Just stunning.



Pearls have been worn for centuries as a symbol for purity, modesty and fidelity. What could be more appropriate for a wedding? Besides they are a classic and are perfect for vintage- inspired ceremonies. Pure Pearls have hundreds of different styles of pearl jewelry. Their necklaces, both strands and pendants, are stunning and available in a range of pearls- freshwater, Akoya and Tahitian are just three examples. With prices ranging from a minuscule $50 to an eye watering $6800 there is something for everyone. With earrings and bracelets to match, you can complete your whole outfit in one swoop.


*Something Different*

If diamonds and pearls aren't really your thing, try thinking outside the box. You don't need to go without any jewelry. Take a look around for some wacky, crazy costume jewelry. My favorite is the amazing Forever Young jewelry by Jacqueline Sanchez. Made from pieces of recycled Lego- not only fun but eco- friendly too! As well as the usual earrings, necklaces and bracelets Jacqueline makes belts, hair clips, pins and even cufflinks so your groom can get in on the act too. Each necklace design has a range of colors, cords and lengths so you can mix and match to find your perfect combination. At around $200- $250 for the pieces, they are well worth splashing out on. Take a look at Jacqueline Sanchez's other collections too for more fun inspiration.


Hopefully by now you have an idea of the style of jewelry you would like to wear for your big day. Remember that jewelry is designed to enhance your outfit, not overpower or compete against it. Also, try not to wear jewelry that isn't 'you'. Keep your individuality and personality, and let it shine through with your choice of jewels. Bear that in mind and you can't go wrong. You'll look stunning in any style you choose.