Steal Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Day Style

Steal Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s Wedding Day Style


There is a reason all eyes were on Katherine Middleton as she walked down the aisle this past April.   Not only had she established herself as a style icon, but she did a lot of things right when putting together her wedding day look.  Any bride can learn a lesson from watching the Royal Wedding or looking at photos.  You don’t have to be a princess in waiting to lift the wedding day basics that were on display at the Royal Wedding.  Here are the five things Katherine did right…

An Elegant and timeless dress – Katherine’s dress was both beautiful and timeless.  An elegant silk satin and lace gown was the perfect wedding day look which we be both remembered as appropriate and stand the test of time.  No one will look at her wedding photos years from now and ask why she felt the need to be “trendy.”   Wedding experts all over the world applauded her choices and complimented her “nailing” the look of the wedding day.  Her wedding dress was also an appropriate size and scale for the venue of the ceremony.

Simple Accessories – Another thing that made the bride beautiful, her simple wedding jewelry.  Katherine selected perfectly proportioned wedding earrings and a headpiece.  The subtle earrings drew the eye up to her smiling face and a petite tiara made just the right amount of sparkle under her veil.  There were no giant earrings taking the focus away from where it should be.

Meaningful bridal party – Granted she was bound by tradition with this one, but there is something simple, meaningful, and sweet about just having your sister or brother stand up with you.  Giant bridal parties of eight bridesmaids, twelve girls, or a total number of bridesmaids and groomsmen that total more than fourteen have been popping up a lot lately.  By all means, invite your nearest and dearest to stand up with you, but don’t feel pressured to ask everyone you have ever been close to, to be at the front of the aisle.

She looked like herself – This is the most important of all the things Katherine did correctly.  She looked like herself.  A big mistake I see brides make all the time is wanting to try something totally new and different for their wedding day, something they would never wear in “real life.”  If you spent your whole college career ranting about how you hated bows and then force yourself to wear grosgrain ribbon bows on your shoes because you feel like you should, no one is going to be happy.  And this is especially true with hair, don’t force yourself to wear your hair up.  As Katherine proved, wearing your hair down can be just as elegant and beautiful as wearing it up.  If you don’t wear your hair up ever, embrace that fact, and wear it down.  Brides should look like themselves.  You don’t want people looking at “the bride” and wondering where you are.

Graciousness – Brides take note.  Katherine was happy and smiling.  Those are two things everyone wants to see as a bride.  Notice how in the videos of her climbing out of her car before walking into the church, she smiled at everyone, looked genuinely happy, and waved to the public.  No matter what else was going through her head, she looked serene and beautiful.  This kind of graciousness is the most beautiful trait on any bride.


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