Top 6 Brown Color Combos

Top 6 Brown Color Combos


Brown. For some it conjures up thoughts of the seventies, much like avocado green and harvest gold. For others, perhaps those who didn’t actually live through the seventies, it is the trendy new, neutral, perfect for combining with other colors for a stylishly hot wedding palette. What do you mix with brown to jazz it up and make it look fresh, not dated? Try these on for size:

1.    Pale Blue: Pale blue and brown is a subtle combination that is classic. If you like it but are looking for something a little more lively, try a shade of blue closer to Robin’s Egg, like the signature Tiffany Blue.

2.    Lime Green: For an earthy, natural setting, lime green pairs beautifully with brown. In fact, that avocado green has been replaced by the newer lime green to the applause of many.


3.    Pink: From hot pink to a barely there blush, pink and brown look fabulous together. In fact, this trendy combo has made its mark on everything from baby bedding to fashionista’s closets.

4.    Orange: If you are daring, you can mix a neutral brown with pops of a vibrant orange. This combination is not for the faint of heart. If you have the guts, it looks stunning.

5.    Purple: Whether you go with a darker eggplant or an electric purple, adding it to brown can add some pizazz to a traditional reception.

6.    Red: Not candy apple red but a dark, rich, luscious red combines well with an equally lush chocolate brown. It is just yum on so many levels.