Top Wedding Cakes

Top Wedding Cakes

How can you save money on your wedding cake?  What type of wedding cake should you buy?  Where can you find the best cake toppers?  If these kind of cake questions are plaguing your wedding plans, then a newly launched blog may be just the ticket to help.

Top Wedding Cakes is dedicated to providing quality articles about all things wedding cakey, and although there are only a few posts on the blog at the moment,  they are a good length and well written.

Their Guide to Freezing Wedding Cakes offers some valuable advice to make sure that top tier from your wedding cake is still as beautiful and delicious for your first wedding anniversary as it was on your wedding day.  I have to admit that I would never have thought to sit it in the fridge for a few hours before popping it in the freezer, but then my saved wedding cake came out as an unrecognizable mush,  so it is advice that I could really have used!

More useful advice can be found in the article on Choosing the Wedding Cake of Your Dreams ,  which has some very practical tips for brides.  It's all too easy to get carried away with how a cake looks as you flip through the glossy bridal magazines, but it is important to take your guest list and budget into consideration too.

The only disappointment about the site is that there aren't any images of wedding cakes created by the baker behind the site, Adam.  but as the blog is new, hopefully that will change.   I'll certainly be visiting on a regular basis to read more Top Wedding Cake tips!