Unique and Greek: A Santorini Wedding

Unique and Greek: A Santorini Wedding

One would not normally place weddings and volcanoes in the same sentence but a visit to the Santorini will give you a new perspective on unique Greek wedding destinations. The volcanic island of Santorini is one of the hottest locations today for destination weddings.

The island of Santorini is both mysterious and beautiful- a combination that enchants hundreds of couples every year. The island is also surrounded by some pretty strange rumors. Is it the location of the lost city of Atlantis? Do vampires live in the volcanoes? Rest assured that the mystery surrounding the island will only add romance and excitement to your wedding.

Several hotels and resorts on the island are now offering complete wedding packages to their guests, making planning a destination wedding on this Greek island easy. Each of the wedding packages may be customized by the bride and groom, and all include some fun local customs from Greek weddings.

Most hotels offering a wedding package will also offer to decorate the bridal suite. This is an age-old custom where unmarried girls make handmade tapestries to decorate the bedroom of newlyweds. After the bed has been bedecked in beautiful handmade linens it will be strewn with coins for luck and sugared almonds, or koufeta, will be left for the bride and groom’s arrival representing good fortune and fertility.  If you choose this option, you may get a surprise on arrival after your wedding, as a small child, (borrowed for the ceremony), may also be placed on the bed to bless the bride and groom with many healthy children!

Civil ceremony packages provided by the island’s hotels include flowers, a photographer, Champagne, witnesses, and document filing with the Greek government to legalize the union, and hotels may also provide brides with a wedding planner to help with details.

A second type of wedding ceremony, a traditional ceremony, is also offered at the hotels on the island. This ceremony includes many traditional Greek elements in the ceremony. The bride and groom can choose from horses or donkeys for their ride to the quaint white church where the ceremony will be held. In addition to all elements of the civil ceremony, local musicians will perform traditional music, Greek dancers will perform, and sweets and traditional liqueurs will be provided.   Options extras may cover a wedding cake made in the traditional Greek style and a romantic sunset cruise.

You can choose from many beautiful locations on the island for your ceremony, both indoor and outdoor. From beaches, to resorts to any of the small, whitewashed chapels that dot the island.  Catholic couples can reserve the use of the island’s Cathedral. This historical church has beautiful artwork and architecture that make for a truly authentic wedding ceremony.

If you are considering a destination wedding in Greece you will want to take a look at Santorini as this little island is unbeatable for romance and beauty and provides a beautiful location for your destination wedding, as well as wonderful holiday spot for your wedding guests.