Unusual Wedding Locations

Unusual Wedding Locations

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the first things couples consider is the wedding venue. There are so many things to consider: the type of venue, the location, the cost, the size… Whilst many people get married somewhere local and familiar, some couples decide to get married somewhere unique. Generally, getting married somewhere a bit further from your home means less people and therefore a smaller budget. You can also find that perfect venue to unleash your individuality without being constrained by distance.

Here I have rounded up three of my favorite unusual locations that are perfect for creative and unique newlyweds.

Floating Chapel
Tampa Bay, Florida is home to the Floating Chapel. On the inside, it looks just like any other quaint little chapel with flower-adorned pews, altar and stained glass windows. Don’t step out of the doors too quickly though as this adorable chapel is bobbing along the water of St Petersburg!

There is seating for 100 so you can bring along a fair few guests and the outside deck is perfect for photographs against the backdrop of the bay’s sparkling waters. This is a beautiful venue and will certainly bring a smile to the faces of your guests!

There is a range of wedding packages to suit all budgets from $795 to $2295 and all packages include music, flowers and wedding coordinator to insist with the vital parts of your day. Not only that, but you can be married by a captain rather than a priest. How cool is that?


Stanley Hotel

This location is perfect for those thrill seeking couples! You may not have heard of the Stanley Hotel, but it’s one of the most famous hotels in pop culture: The inspiration for “The Shining”. Stephen King got the idea for the novel when he was staying in the hotel- room 217 no less.

As if that wasn’t creepy enough for you, the hotel- set in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains- is rumored to be haunted. There are regular historical ghost tours which take in the spooky history of the whole building. I’d bet your guests have never been on a ghost tour wedding before!

For the wedding packages themselves, the Stanley offers several beautiful rooms for as many as 300 guests! All have stunning decor and breathtaking views over the mountains! There are three packages- Classic, Elegant and Grand- so you can find the one that fits your wedding best.


Waterfall Weddings

For nature loving newlyweds, what could be more romantic than marrying against the backdrop of a Hawaiian waterfall? This is a beautiful, secluded location. So secluded in fact that the only way to reach it is by helicopter- that’s a treat in itself!

You are married by a traditional Hawaiian minister who will blow on a conch shell to mark the beginning of your ceremony, and the service will be accompanied by a Hawaiian guitarist playing in harmony with the cascading waterfall.

Wedding packages are $3225 which also covers photography and flowers- including a lei for each of you! A sensational way to start married life together.


You can find a wedding venue that is perfectly unusual and suited to your tastes. Finding that perfect location is a great feeling and it makes your wedding day just that extra bit special.