Wedding Guest Dressing Tips

Wedding Guest Dressing Tips

There are tons of tips and tricks out there on how to dress as a bride, but what about the guests of the bride?  Chances are, you have your fair share of weddings to attend this summer and are a little fuzzy as to how to dress.  Naturally, you will want to look fabulous, with all the photographers snapping away.  Chances are you will end up in someone’s pictures.  No one wants to be remembered as the wedding guest in the horrible outfit.  So think about these things when deciding what to wear and you will be sure to look fabulous at the next wedding you attend.

Consider the weather.  Outdoor weddings are still all the rage in the summer, so make sure you know what the weather will be like before selecting your attire.  If the ceremony is going to be outside in the middle of June in Texas, you’ll want to be comfortable, so opt for something made of a breathable fabric, and don’t forget to style a pair of sunglasses into your wardrobe in case you have to watch the bride and groom say “I do” into the sun. 

Know the formality of the wedding.  The best source of information for the formality of the wedding is the invitation itself.  Some considerate brides will include the suggested dress code in the invitation packet, or have it spelled out on the wedding website.  No such luck?  Check out the quality of the invitation.  Is it hand written on a plain piece of paper?  Is the border decorated with clip art ants?  Then chances are you’re headed to a casual affair, feel free to wear something business casual.  Does your invitation look like it was engraved and then dipped in gold?  Or does it feature formal language like “Requests the honour of your presence?”  Then your wedding is bound to be more upscale and you should aim for cocktail or formal attire.  If you can’t discern any type from the invite, meet in the middle and aim for “Sunday Best.” 

Don’t forget to accessorize.  Selecting appropriate and complimentary accessories is just as important as wearing a dress you love.  When your earrings and shoes match perfectly, you’ll feel just as glamorous as the bride.  Also, don’t forget to account for chilly air conditioners indoors during the summer.  Make sure to stop by your local Marshalls or TJ Maxx and pick up a pashmina that matches your outfit.  That way you won’t have to beg your date for his jacket if it gets a little cold during dinner. 

Don’t be a spotlight stealer.  For no reason, unless specifically requested to do so by the bride, should you ever show up to a wedding wearing any of the following: a white or ivory dress, a dress with white or ivory lace,  a veil, a black outfit (unless it has a significant pop of a bright color…you do not want the other guests thinking you were supposed to be at a funeral), a dress with a train any bigger than a flip train.  Even though a few of the Real Housewives of New York did it I the season opener, most people consider dressing in white or ivory to be in bad taste at a wedding.  Give the bride her day to wear white.

Be comfortable.  Wear an outfit you know you love and will be comfortable wearing all night long.  That goes for shoes too, pick a pair that have been properly broken in and you are able to walk and dance in.  Please do not be “that girl” who isn’t wearing any shoes and is dancing to “Shout!” in a dress that is two inches too short.

Most importantly though, do not stress about your outfit too much.  Weddings are supposed to be fun.  Keep the focus on celebrating your friends and their love…and that free glass of champagne you’ll get!