Wedding Photographer Review of Sara Gray

Wedding Photographer Review of Sara Gray

Sara Gray is one of the new generation of modern photographers.  Trained from the start on digital cameras, she is experienced and innovative in her approach to wedding photography.  While some photographers have made the switch from film to digital, and have applied traditional shooting techniques to this latest upgrade in technology, photographers who learned the craft from digital to begin with already have the advantage of being able to use the cameras naturally, and to their full potential.

Sara's style is fresh and candid,  and she has a great eye for detail.  Every bride feels that her wedding is unique, and has put a lot of effort into the little details that make the day special.  Sara is quick to hone in on these details and capture them to give a personal feel to the photographs.  You would be surprised how many photographers stay focused on the 'big' and 'important' shots and don't seek out these important touches.

I also love the way that Sara cleverly uses the camera's settings to put the focus on the subject of the photographs, with the background slightly blurred.  This is one of the biggest differences between an amateur and professional photographer.

Extra Points For:
Friendly personality.  It is SO important to hire a photographer who you can get on with, and who can make your guests feel at ease while they are having their picture taken.  If a photographer enjoys your wedding and gets to know your guests this will really shine through in your photographs.

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