Wedding Registry and Your Fiance

Wedding Registry and Your Fiance

Get him to enjoy registering for wedding gifts.



We all know there is a list of “wedding tasks” that most men do not enjoy, and setting up a bridal registry is usually one of them.  While most women love to shop and the idea of setting up a gift registry fills them with glee, men on the other hand, usually do not care that much.  But that does not mean you are stuck dragging a grumpy spouse-to-be around, here are a few tips and tricks for getting your fiancé interested in the process of creating a wedding wish list.

Find a place with a gun.  You read that correct.  In a man’s eyes, all shops are not created equal when it comes to wandering the aisles in search of presents.  If you register at a store that has their registry system set up digitally, chances are the scanning device with look like a cross between a laser tag gun and a power tool.  This is the key to your success.  Your fiancé will happily wander the aisles if you let him hold and scan all the items.  Most big box stores are set up this way, but not all of them.  Target has a wonderfully man friendly registry gun, but Macy’s is more of a PDA style, which did not make my then fiancé happy at all.  Consider yourself forewarned: he will probably try to “scan” you at least once.

Let him scan “man toys.”  While you may not want to register for a 24 piece make your own beer keg set, let him scan it.  You can always edit your registry with a second solo trip to the shop or online later.  Also keep in mind things that may be fun for your fiancé to register for that you may actually need.  A grill makes a great wedding gift for several people to go in together to purchase.  Plus most couples have a tendency to under register the first time.  You will have lots of people wanting to purchase a gift for you for several different occasions, think bridal shower, engagement party, wedding, etc.  So scan everything that intrigues you and edit later.

Trade “Girl Stores” for “Boy Stores.”  When deciding where to register, each of you can have a shop.  Registering is super easy now, especially with the advent of being able to register online without ever visiting a storefront, so there is no need to limit yourself to one shop.  Agree to register at places you both like, or trade off.  You can register at Sears for grills and power tools as long as you also get to register at Crate and Barrel.  Or pick one shop you both agree on that is nationally available, and then go ahead and let him register at R.E.I. in exchange for being able to register at that chic little French Shop Genevieve Lethu.

Avoid peak times.  If your man really dislikes shopping, dragging him to register at one in the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday is going to freak him out.  Not only will tons of shoppers be out of the weekends, but several couples will probably be registering at the same time.  If you can, go register at those big shops during the week, or towards the beginning or end of a weekend day when it is likely to be less crowded.

Save the events for the girls.  While wandering around Crate and Barrel on a Saturday morning sipping orange juice from champagne flutes with twenty other brides sounds fabulous to you, it probably scares him.  Events like those can have lots of pressure and the feeling of a “cattle call” for him, so spare your fiancé the drama of having to deal with all of that and register when it is just the two of you.   If a store your love and want to registry is having a special and you want to go to the swanky registry event and get the free champagne flutes, take a trusted friend, maid of honor, mom, or gay boyfriend.

Have any registry horror stories or advice for future brides?  Where did you register?