Wedding in Tuscany

Wedding in Tuscany

Perhaps it's the cold, grey sky, or just the dull routine of my days this week, but my thoughts keep drifting to sunnier, more romantic places in the world... the street cafes in Paris, the pristine beaches of New Zealand, the markets of Morocco, those dusty, sunlit paths in the Tuscan countryside...

Ah, Tuscany. The name alone brings to mind rich history, breathtaking landscapes, fine wine, and old world romance.  What more could you ask for for a destination wedding?

Imagine reciting your wedding vows in such a beautiful and traditional setting.  While wandering around the web in my romantic reverie, teasing myself with websites full of sun drenched images and happy, smiling couples I found a great website offering destination weddings in Tuscany.  You can turn your imagination into reality by visiting Weddings in Tuscany & Italy by Efffetti.

Efffetti Weddings is a one-stop shopping website that can provide all the information you need to plan a romantic destination wedding that will be remembered forever. Utilizing more than a decade of experience, their wedding planners offer information on civil or church weddings, travel, music, flowers, photography, and so much more. The website also features an extensive gallery of beautiful images of weddings held in Tuscany, Florence, Venice, and Lake Como. Images of a gondola ride in Venice; an old country church in Tuscany; a ceremony by the sea — the pictures will have you humming old Italian opera tunes and practically drooling over the anticipation of cool gelato on those balmy summer evenings!


Italy offers legal destination weddings, (rather than blessing ceremonies which have to be preceded or followed by a legal ceremony in your home country) so your marriage will still be fully legal and binding if you choose to get married abroad.  Travelers from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Russia and Canada can easily find information on all of the necessary documentation needed to get married in Italy on the website, and the staff at Efffetti Weddings can also be contacted via phone or Skype. In addition, Efffetti Weddings features a blog containing tips and useful information for prospective brides, from wedding poems to places to visit, to things to see and do in the region.


The weather in Tuscany is nicest from May through September and will allow for plenty of activities outdoors.  To avoid the crowds, and the hottest times of summer, it is best to book your wedding in May, June or September. You can find more information about Tuscany and what it has to offer you for a wedding or honeymoon at Discover Tuscany.


There are lots of Italian wedding traditions to consider incorporating into your destination wedding, for example getting married on a Sunday is supposed to bring the couple a lifetime of good luck.


A destination wedding in a setting as lovely and memorable as Tuscany can only be described as a dream of a lifetime. Make that dream come true by visiting Efffettis Wedding in Tuscany & Italy.