Weddings in Paradise

Weddings in Paradise

Tropical climate, romantic hideaways, sun and surf…

If this sounds like your idea of paradise Mexico is the perfect location for your destination wedding. From luxury resorts to dreamy hidden beaches, this country is one of the world’s premier wedding destinations.

There are many fabulous locations to choose from when planning your Mexican wedding. The country has 2 coasts; the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico both have a multitude of fantasy wedding destinations. On the Gulf side of Mexico are the resort town of Cancun and the island of Cozumel. Both towns are home to surfside resorts that specialize in weddings. In Cancun couples can have their ceremony, reception, and honeymoon at the Riu Palace Las Americanas, a gorgeous all-inclusive hotel whit wedding planning services.

The Pacific coast of Mexico is also popular with couples looking for a romantic wedding destination. The Hilton Las Cabos Beach and Golf Resort is located on the sandy shores of the Pacific and offers wedding and honeymoon packages throughout the year. In Acapulco the Grand Mayan is famous for its beach weddings and exceptional service.

Once you have determined your destination the fun of planning a Mexican wedding can begin. Many couples like to include traditions from the culture of Mexico in their wedding ceremony. Mexican brides traditionally sew three ribbons on their lingerie: yellow, blue, and red. These ribbons symbolize food, money, and passion and are worn for luck.

Other Mexican wedding traditions include the 13 coins and el lazo. The groom traditionally gives the bride 13 coins before the ceremony which she will carry during the wedding to symbolize their future happiness. El lazo is a tradition dating back to the time of Spanish rule over the Aztecs. A white ribbon is draped around the couple’s necks while the vows are said to symbolize unity.

Traditional clothing can also be incorporated into your ceremony. Mexican brides wear beautiful ruffled dresses with handmade lace and a lace mantilla and veil. Grooms dress in the matadorian fashion with tight leggings and a colorful bolero jacket.

Also, when planning your Mexican wedding don’t forget to determine what types of documentation are necessary for the area you are visiting. Couples will need to present their tourist card when applying for a marriage license. A wait of three days is required for processing. Some areas require a Spanish translation of your birth certificate in order to receive a marriage license.

Consider retaining the help of a Mexican wedding planner. Many hotels and resorts provide wedding planning services with their wedding packages and these services are very helpful. An on-site wedding planner can help you with all the details of the wedding and the ceremony. This will especially come in handy when organizing your documentation and working with vendors.

Above all, remember to have fun. Mexican weddings are traditionally joyous occasions. You will find complete strangers offering your blessings on your wedding day. Your wedding in paradise will leave you with memories for a lifetime.