Wild and Wacky Weddings

Wild and Wacky Weddings

When it comes to planning their nuptials, white gowns and a swing band just won't do it for some couples.  If you are looking for a more exciting and unusual idea for your wedding then here are some possibilities for you to consider.

Naked weddings

More comfortable in your birthday suits than other formal wear? Celebrate your love for each other the way nature intended with a nudist wedding.  Um, we just don't recommend getting too excited!

Mass weddings

There are mass weddings held all over the world on a pretty regular basis. Whether it is arranged for charity, affordability, practicality or even as a way to control "free sex" at an old people's home a mass wedding means that you get to share your special day with hundreds of other couples, for better or worse.

Underwater weddings

If you have a bit of the Little Mermaid spirit in you then getting married underwater might seem like a fairytale.  The scuba gear might not be as flattering as a designer gown but what better way to celebrate your shared loved with your partner than getting married while taking part in an activity that you both love?  Just watch out for sharks - that's one kind of love bite that you don't want on your wedding day!

Horseback weddings

If you are wild at heart, literally, then you will love this Wild West idea.  There are plenty of places in the US where you can get married on horseback.

Underground weddings

Not afraid of the dark?  Get married in the mysterious hidden depths of the Bridal Caves under Thunder Mountain, Missouri.  Not advisable if you or any of your guests are claustrophobic. 

Sky Diving weddings

Adrenaline junkies might need a more stimulating way to get excited about marrying the love of their life than standing in a dusty old church.  So why not say "I Do" while plummeting towards the earth together at over 120 miles per hour? Which is the more powerful natural power; love or gravity?  Well, as long as your parachute opens you won't have to find out.

Ice weddings

Ice weddings have become more and more popular in recent years, with many venues offering beautiful winter wedding options ranging from white themes with ice sculptures to carving out entire chapels from ice! You might end up with cold toes, but hopefully neither of you will be cold hearted.

Ski weddings

If the thought of adding a few extra layers to your wedding outfit didn't put you off, then maybe a ski wedding would tickle your fancy too?  Get married either on the slopes themselves, in a cable car hovering over the slopes, or in the comfort of a luxury chalet.  Many packages include lessons and passes for your wedding guests, so you don't have to worry about wedding entertainment.

Zombie weddings

, now we are verging into the truly creepy area of weird wedding ideas, and yet zombie brides and grooms in full "costume" and make up aren't so rare as to even make the papers now.  As open minded as I am I am at a loss for words to think of why anyone would choose to enter a new life together with a theme of the living dead. Irony?