Very Trendy Wedding Trends

Very Trendy Wedding Trends


These wedding trends are very popular right now, and while super popular, may end up dating your photos in the years to come.  Think really hard about which trends you really love and which ones speak to you as a bride.  No one says you have to participate in all of these or blindly ignore the bridal “experts” by using none of these, but take a moment to think about the look you are trying to create.  You might be following a trend or “in the moment” design just because you feel like you should…but don’t!  Always follow your heart when creating your dream day.  Ultimately, you want to look and feel like a beautiful, polished version of yourself.

Sashes – These little fabric strips have become an increasingly popular way to accent a simple dress.  If you fell in love with a dress that was free of accents like crystals, pearls, or flowers, you can now add them yourself with a wedding sash.  Brides are opting for traditional sashes in whites, ivories, or champagnes adorned with crystals and beads or opting to make a statement with a bridal sash in a contrasting color.  Pick a color from the wedding or use it as your splash of something blue.

Large Earrings – Hollywood starlets have been showing oven gorgeous, dangling, and over sized earrings.  Brides are opting for huge earrings full of crystals, pearls, and beads.  If you’re thinking of adding these extra large beauties to your wedding look make sure you’re wearing them with a bare neck.  Oversized earrings and a necklace can sometimes be too much.   Check out designers like Haute Bride for perfectly proportioned pieces.

Colored Shoes – A splash of color peaking out from underneath your wedding gown has been a  really popular trend for the past few years.  Feel free to make this statement your something blue or match the wedding colors.  Keep in mind that if you have a very fitted dress you will interrupt that long, graceful line from head to toe, in that case, it may be best to opt for a silk shoe that matches the color of your gown.

Statement Necklaces - Of all the current bridal trends, this one I predict will be the shortest.   While a large necklace can be a great accent to a simple dress, selecting a chunky, larger than life statement necklace can get expensive, and can limit your options for selecting earrings and a veil.

Birdcage Veils – A sweet French tulle veil is the perfect accent to a vintage inspired gown or for the bride that wants to have a short veil, but they are not for everyone.  A big, beautiful ballgown may look slightly off if paired with a short French netted piece.  If you are simply in love with the look, wear a traditional veil to the ceremony and switch at the reception, or try the new look of a veil with both traditional and birdcage tulle, this tones the look down a bit and helps match almost any style.  Check out designer Sara Gabriel or your local milliner for a custom designed piece.

What do you think of wedding trends?  Did you select any of these pieces and love them?  Made a wedding day mistake?  Leave a comment and let us know!