Leather Wedding Gowns

Leather Wedding Gowns

When the country song Leather and Lace was originally penned I doubt the songwriter was thinking about wedding gowns. Fast forward to today’s wedding gown market and the song fits right in – leather and lace are becoming very trendy in the wedding gown industry for brides looking for an unconventional way to tie the knot.

Many wedding gown designers are incorporating leather into the design of their gowns by embellishing them with leather rosettes and trim. These embellishments add to the luxury of the dress and the contrasts in texture are fascinating to the eye.

Other designers are creating wedding gowns completely made from leather and suede. And no, its not just for the biker or goth crowd. A leather wedding gown can be a beautiful creation using an original and interesting fabric choice. Consider this: an elegant dress in white lined with a pale pink silk. Along the hem and neckline are handmade pale pink and white roses. The dress itself is made of the softest lambskin available. Even the roses used in the trim are handmade from leather.

Of course, if you are opting for a non-traditional fabric,  why not go the whole way and opt for a non-traditional design?  Corsetiers Lux Tenebrae have created a daring white bustier gown from soft, supple lambskin leather. The mermaid silhouette is very slimming and the forgiving leather makes it the perfect dress for all body types.  The lining is a purple silk, which flashes through the thigh high split in the skirt.  If you want to make a statement walking down the aisle, this is your gown!

Carla Berhl of NYC ,