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The New Rules For White At Weddings

Wait, what?! Who changed the rules and why didn’t they tell us? Well, I may not have all the answers but I can definitely shed some light on the topic.

1.    The Bride: Prior to 1840, brides wore whatever color dress that suited them, however, when Queen Victoria married that year, she chose white. Ever since that Royal wedding white has been understood to represent purity and no self-respecting bride would be caught dead in any other color. Until now. Modern brides are reversing that trend. In fact, brides can wear white, cream, pink, pale blue, red or even fuchsia. Taste and style preference is the only thing holding you back.  

2.    The Bridesmaid: Traditionally, the bridesmaids wear a dress that complements the bride and her choice of color scheme for the wedding reception. When Pippa Middleton stepped out of that limousine the day her sister married the Prince of Wales, well, she signaled to brides and bridesmaids everywhere that it was ok to wear white. In fact, a beach wedding looks stylish yet simple when all the members of the wedding party are wearing white or cream. Likewise, a winter wedding with petite flowergirls and junior bridesmaid all in a snowy white can create a magical moment.

3.    The Moms: Whether you are the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom, white is still officially off-limits for you. No need to go showing up the bride on her big day. Nothing cut too low, too high or too tight either, mom. But, you knew that, right?!