How to Pick a Wedding Shoe

How to Pick a Wedding Shoe

The Stress-Free, Raw Facts

Lots of brides stress out about finding the right wedding shoe, and they shouldn’t.  Shoes should be fun and fabulous and bring you joy.  Are you stressing about finding just the perfect shoe to match your gorgeous gown?  Take a breath.  Just think back about a time when you found a perfect pair of pumps to match your little black dress? Remember how happy you were?

We are going to replicate that happy feeling when shopping for wedding shoes!  Here we go.

First off, you have to be comfortable.  Hands down, this is key.  Your wedding day is going to be enjoyable, although long, so you will be on your feet a lot.  This is not the day to try out a new, trendy type of shoe, or to force yourself into a shoe just because you like the way it looks.  Check out your closet, if you don’t have any sling backs, don’t try them out on your wedding day.  Or if you never wear pointed toe shoes because they pinch your feet, don’t let a bridal consultant talk you into a pair of pointed heels because “they look more formal.”  Pick a shoe you feel comfortable and confidant in.  This goes for style as well as heel height.  If you are not used to walking in 4 inch heels, sorry, you don’t get to wear them on your wedding day. 

Realize that comfort and style is a individual thing.  I see this a lot with brides that are taller than their fiancés.   If you have a short fiancé but you have your heart set on heels, don’t worry about him, pick the heels.  These are YOUR shoes; YOU have to be comfortable regardless of how short your fiancé may feel.  The same goes for shopping with your friends.  While it is helpful to bring someone you trust to consult on style, it’s your foot that is in the shoe and YOU are the one that has to be happy.  Just because Maid of Honor Sally thinks peep toe shoes are ugly, doesn’t man you can’t select a peep toe shoe if you fall in love with one. 

Onto matching the dress.  It’s hard to go wrong with a classic white or ivory shoe.  It’s okay if your dress is simple and has no crystals, you can have a touch of sparkle on your shoe.  No one will accuse you of not matching.  If you are picking white or ivory, do not get crazy picky about matching the shade of the dress 100%.  A beautiful silk shoe in a classic pearl ivory or diamond white will look gorgeous with your dress.  There is no way to get an exact match with your shoe.  And you will just annoy your bridal consultant if you spend more than two minutes matching your dress swatch to the shoe.

Care to go with a colored shoe?  Some bridal shops will try to talk you out of it, but if you have your heart set on a red shoe, go for it.  Just know that colored shoes are a trend, and all trends go away in time.  So know that you have to look at those photos for years to come.  Not sure you can handle that?  Stick to a silver or gold shoe over a bold color for the most seamless blend.

In summary, have fun while you’re shoe shopping….pick a shoe that you love and feel comfortable in and you’ll be just a beautiful as you feel.