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Creating a Unique Ceremony

When it comes to weddings, people think of boring ceremonies that they have a hard time staying awake at.  But quite often, the happy couple actually has the ability to customize their vows and make it personal which also will keep their guests awake and paying attention.

Chances are, where you live only has a few small requirements in order to make it a legal ceremony.  This is best to talk to whoever is marrying you about as they will know what the exact requirements are but from there you can customize it however you want.  Maybe you want special readings, maybe you want to write silly rhymes for your vows or maybe you want the ceremony to be short and sweet and do more later on at the party.  Another option is to have something interesting going on while you are signing the register and the license such as having music playing or maybe a reading can happen during this time.  Readings can be whatever you want them to be, they do not always have to be bible passages although, if you are being married in a church, they may have some requirements.  A reading could be a favorite poem, a passage from a book or a bit of information about a hobby that the two of you love.

All that said though, sometimes the best ceremonies are those that are short and sweet.  Save the speeches and other items for later when people are a bit more awake and alert.