All about the bride

They say well especially here in Australia that the wedding day belongs to the bride, yet they never mention the groom. For example on our photo shoot which is usually outdoors and in the streets of Melbourne i always here the comments "wow look at the bride, isnt she gorgeous" yet the groom hardly ever gets a mention.I've never heard anyone say look at the groom isnt he handsome" or even anything remote to that . However i do hear a lot of and im sure that they are joking when they say it "poor guy" or "your life is over" so i thought id start an article about the bride and try to work out why doesnt anyone ever mention the groom.

Its a fact that the bride is the princess,and it is most likely her dream to be married from a very young age and she probably always dreamt about a fairytale wedding. And i know when i see the couples come into my studio and when they preview sample videos, the bride pays attention to detail and the groom tends to just watch the video and enjoy the music and scenes.The bride notices the dress ,the floral arrangements the locations of the photo shoot and its normally the bride asking most of the questions whereas the groom just literally turns up in support but the interest levels arent really there. Even after the wedding when the video is ready to be edited its usually the bride choosing the songs for the video and the bride deciding which scenes to cut out and keep and usually the groom just tends to agree but without much input. So im convinced that a wedding day is all about the bride .