February 2009

Edgardo Bonilla

What begins as a simple sketch in the hands of Edgardo Bonilla is transformed into an original and luxurious wedding gown. This year’s Bonilla wedding gown collection became an instant hit the moment the models hit the runway.

In a return to romance Bonilla presented wedding gowns with fitted bodices and dreamy full skirts.

Beach Wedding Flip Flops

If you dream of a beach wedding, saying your vows at sunset beside the lapping waves, then you will need to think carefully about your choice of shoes.  High heeled stilettos will leave you with that sinking feeling,  and don't lend themselves to a graceful and easy stroll through the sand, whether during or after the ceremony.  Getting grains of sand in your closed toed shoes can be uncomfortable verging on painful.   So does that leave you with the option of flat, boring sandals?  Far from it.
There are many lovely white, silver and natural sandal designs available,  that will be both comfortable and practical as well as stylish.  Tracey Asai specialises in designing and hand crafting wedding flip flops for brides.

The House of Dagnez

For years, the House of Dagnez was a small, family run design house in Poland. Ewa Dunikowska, the principal designer at the fashion house, inadvertently changed all that with her fabulous wedding gown collections, taking The House of Dagnez from a regional source of niche gowns to a well-known and respected name in the world of bridal fashion.

Long a household name in Poland, the House of Dagnez is the go-to designer for Polish brides. They also specialize in unusual evening gowns and other formal attire,  all with a dramatic and daring flair. The popularity of their designs landed on center stage when Ewa Dunikowska’s gowns began showing up on beauty pageant contestants and high society brides in and around Poland. In no time women from all over Europe were clamoring for a House of Dagnez gown.

Timeless Elegance: Romona Keveza

Inspired by classic Hollywood movies stars such as Grace Kelly, Romona Keveza designs elegant wedding gowns for the discriminating bride. Her gowns are exquisitely feminine and elegant, reflecting the simple and understated style of the stars of the silver screen of the fifties. Womanly curves are celebrated and accentuated, and lines are soft and gentle. With two collections, Legends and her own couture collection, Keveza is the go-to designer for many of today’s top stars and brides. Celebrities who have made an appearance on the red carpet in Keveza include Iman, Mary Hart, Country music star Sarah Evans and Desperate Housewife Dana Delaney. However, no client could perhaps sum up the epitome of Keveza's style than one of her first celebrity clients: Jackie Kennedy. Keveza has made her mark in the wedding gown niche.

Weddings in Paradise

Tropical climate, romantic hideaways, sun and surf…

If this sounds like your idea of paradise Mexico is the perfect location for your destination wedding. From luxury resorts to dreamy hidden beaches, this country is one of the world’s premier wedding destinations.

Marrying Over the Anvil: Destination Weddings in Scotland

Have you always dreamed of a fairytale wedding? If so, Scotland is the perfect location for your destination wedding. Castles and culture combine with Scotland’s verdant landscapes to provide a romantic and unforgettable wedding setting.

Scotland first became famous for “destination weddings” in 1754. When the king of England passed a law stating that only church weddings where both the bride and groom were 21 years of age would be recognized hundreds of lovers eloped to the Scottish border town of Gretna Green .

A Luxurious Honeymoon Destination in Ireland

From the moment you say "Yes" to the moment your say "I Do", there is a lot of work to be done.  Colors need chosen, dresses need fitted (and re-fitted), locations need to be booked, prices have to be haggled with vendors, both sets of parents need to be kept happy and hundreds of other details need juggled.  In fact,  regardless of the overall joy surrounding the union, experts agree that your wedding is high on the list of life's most stressful events. Your honeymoon should be spent taking a break from the stress of everything you had to go through to get there.

An Art Lovers Honeymoon in Florence

Florence is known for its romance, its gourmet cuisine, its fabulous shopping and luxury accommodations, and Renaissance art.  This charming city has to plenty to offer and is the perfect honeymoon destination for art lovers, culture vultures and die hard romantics. Florence is unique among Italian cities. While great art can be found throughout the country, Florence mixes in old world charm, historic architecture, and the meandering Arno River to create a one of a kind romantic, art lover's paradise. Honeymooning couples will find 5 star hotels located just a short walk from the cities many treasures. Dreamy rooms are available with outstanding views over the Duomo, one of Italy's largest cathedrals, or the Arno River. Most luxury rooms in Florence come equipped with well thought out extra amenities such as spa services. After a comfy night in your well-appointed hotel you will want to get an early start.

Spanish Wedding Traditions

If you want to incorporate your Spanish heritage in your wedding ceremony,  or just want to add some of the flair and passion from this European country, then here are some traditions to get your started. Orange Blossoms The traditional Spanish flower, the orange blossom, is used in many ways during a Spanish wedding ceremony. This fragrant flower is used in the bride's bouquet and to decorate the wedding location. Some brides even place orange blossoms in their hair. The orange blossom is unique in that it blossoms and bears fruit together. In a Spanish wedding ceremony this unique quality of the flower represents happiness and fulfillment. Coins Coins, known as arras, play a part in Spanish wedding ceremonies. 13 coins are given by the groom to the bride before the wedding.

Unique and Greek: A Santorini Wedding

One would not normally place weddings and volcanoes in the same sentence but a visit to the Santorini will give you a new perspective on unique Greek wedding destinations. The volcanic island of Santorini is one of the hottest locations today for destination weddings.

The island of Santorini is both mysterious and beautiful- a combination that enchants hundreds of couples every year. The island is also surrounded by some pretty strange rumors. Is it the location of the lost city of Atlantis? Do vampires live in the volcanoes? Rest assured that the mystery surrounding the island will only add romance and excitement to your wedding.

Destination Weddings in Spain

Spain offers a vast range of backdrops for a destination wedding,  and the temperate climate make it ideal for a wedding year round.  Spain is bordered by oceans and mountains, which create many different styles of wedding venues. Both the roaring Atlantic Ocean and the calm and tranquil Mediterranean Sea offer wonderful beachside locations. Sunny coastal villages such as San Sebastian and La Coruna are perfect for small, casual ceremonies, while the larger cities offer vibrancy and plenty of cultural surroundings. Art lovers will want to plan their destination wedding near the city of Bilbao.

Greek Wedding Traditions

Every culture has its own unique wedding traditions. Greece, a popular destination wedding location, has many unusual traditions that make a Greek wedding ceremony memorable. Whether you are planning a destination wedding to Greece or want to acknowledge your Greek heritage in your wedding, here is a quick glance at the some of those wedding traditions.

Irish Weddings

Ah, the beauty of Ireland.  Movies have been made of it, songs written about it, but those who've been to the Emerald Isle say nothing can prepare you for its spectacular beauty. Rolling hills of lush green, ancient fairytale castles, and villages that seemed to have missed the passage of time. Add the friendly, relaxed nature of the people, and you have an idyllic place for a wedding where you can lace ancient beliefs with joyful merriment in a way that makes your wedding day one you will never forget. If you can't quite make it to the Emerald Isle for your nuptials, there are still plenty of ways which you can incorporate your Irish roots into your wedding celebrations.  Here are just some of the many wedding traditions from Ireland that may give you The Luck of the Irish on your special day:
  • April is a good choice ("Marry in April if you can, joy for maiden and for man") but May is best avoided ("Marry in May and rue the day.") Saturdays also are considered a rather unlucky choice to tie the knot.

Experience the Magic of Paris

It seems Paris has forever been considered one of the world's most magical and romantic cities and this makes it an ideal location for a honeymoon. From the rich, aromatic and sinfully delicious culinary delights, stunning architecture and exceptional variety of shopping opportunities of the city center to the vast scenery and historical sites of it's outer edges, Paris leaves it's mark on the heart of all who encounter it's splendor.

Your Luxurious Honeymoon in Ireland

From the moment you say “yes” when asked by the man of your dreams if you will marry him, there is a lot of work to be done. Planning the wedding ceremony and reception, negotiating prices with vendors, trying to keep both sets of parents happy and juggling the hundreds of other details. Not to mention planning your honeymoon and wrestling trains, planes and automobiles to get to your chosen destination.  In fact,  regardless of the overall joy surrounding the union, your wedding is high on the list of life's most stressful events.

I Now Pronounce You Ugh

I know this is a strange way to start off a wedding blog, but there are some things that just have to be said. At their best, weddings can be beautiful affirmations of the love between two people. At their worst, weddings can be a parade of embarrassing cliches that haven't been amusing for at least a century. Whether you're on the road to your own nuptials, about to be a guest at somebody else's, or just contemplating the possibility of your special day down the line, please consider avoiding or at least not contributing the following ridiculous behaviors. The Best Man's "Humiliate The Groom" Speech It has long been the tradition for the groom to invite an important man in his life to act as his Best Man, a sort of second-in-command and ad hoc master of ceremonies. Aside from making sure everyone is having a good time (the groom included), the Best Man is practically required to give some sort of speech followed by a toast.