March 2009

Adding a Personal Touch with Creative Custom Cardboxes

Another great wedding idea that I have come across this week comes in a box.  Well actually it doesn't come in a box... it is the box. Creative Custom Cardboxes is the brainchild of Marni Gold, "The Ceremony Songstress" who is a singer and voice instructor in River Edge, New Jersey. Marni was in the midst of planning her own wedding and wanted a unique and safe way to store cards and gifts given to her on the day of the ceremony.

Clay Wedding Flowers

All brides wants their special day to be perfect, but more than that, they want to create memories that will last an entire lifetime. Unfortunately, many of the details of the day won't last.  This is especially true for the flowers.  We spend ages deciding on just the right arrangements only for the blooms to wither and thrown away within 24 hours of the ceremony.  While silk flowers offer one alternative, they can often look unnatural unless you have the budget to invest in some high end, luxury flowers. However, there is another option which will let you have a long lasting, exquisite wedding bouquet that you can treasure for years to come.   Can you believe that all of the flowers in this post are actually made of clay?   Each blossom is handmade by the uber-talented folks at the Hawaiin company DK Designs.
So long to the bouquets of yesteryear that withered and died before the honeymoon was even over.

Wigs for your wedding

With cancer figures now showing that more than than one in three of us will suffer from the disease at some point in our lives,  the diagnosis, treatment and recovery from cancer is something that most women are aware of.  While modern medicine means that there are great chances of survival thanks to earlier detection and more effective treatment,  there is no real way of knowing when the disease might strike.  And let's face it ladies, cancer has no manners. It won't care if you are in the midst of planning your wedding,  and it would certainly be ridiculous to postpone treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy just because you want to look stunning on your big day. If changing the wedding date isn't in your plans either,  then hair loss is one of the principle cosmetic concerns that you might have to deal with. Losing you hair can be distressing for most women, and while many choose to carry off the look with flair and style, using head scarfs and hats,  many people choose to buy a wig to wear while they are follically challenged. The nice thing about wearing a wig to your wedding means that you can look natural in your wedding photos, and not only that,  but your hair w

Get Married in the French Riviera!

Monaco is legendary for it's glamour and luxury,  so what better part of the world to plan a destination wedding?  With so many choices for a wedding abroad it is easy for couple to feel overwhelmed, and all too often opt for the simplest package deal offered in Mexico or Hawaii.  While these no fuss weddings are great,  choosing a more exotic and romantic location can turn your wedding into a truly personal and unforgettable experience.

The French Riviera, or “Côte d’Azur,” named after the glistening saphire waters of the Meditteranean, has an abundance of romantic spots.

Wedding Websites

Is trying to choose a wedding website provider making your head spin?   You're not alone.  However, last week I stumbled upon a new blog which has a great post reviewing some of the Top wedding websites available.  The advice is really useful,  giving insights into the pros and cons not just of the final website,  but also the sign up process and ease of creation system. The blog is well worth a read if you are considering getting your own wedding website, and will be even more valuable if you aren't particularly tech-savvy,  as the article points out the pitfalls of each system before you charge blindly into the process. The three wedding website reviews that the bl

Win a Wedding

If the downturn in the economy has tightened the purse strings on your wedding budget then what could be better than getting wedding swag for free? There are hundreds of competitions that offering wedding related prizes, and most are free and easy to enter.  With nothing to lose but a few minutes entering your email address,  it is worth the effort if you can knock a few crucial dollars off of your total wedding bill. Vintage Indie Weddings regularly run competitions with a crafty, handmade theme.  Right now they are offering 4 sets of beautiful handmade Damask note cards perfect for sending Thank You notes to friends and family who have given you a generous gift or support for your wedding.  The site is a great resource for brides interested in incorporating a vintage feel to their wedding. The Wedding Guide of Europe has also just opened up a new section on their site dedicated to roundin

Create your own fashion with StyleShake

If you are frustrated with searching for just the right bridesmaids dresses, you will be pleasantly surprised by the new trend emerging on the internet.  Some enterprising and forward thinking companies are allowing you to design your very own tailor made clothes online. One such site that is doing an amazing job in offering this service to customers all over the world is Styleshake.  While manufacturers in India and China have been offering tailor made clothes for a few years,  there is still an uneasiness and taboo about buying direct from these companies as their work practices and credibility are difficult to gauge.  Not so with Styleshake. It is difficult to write this recommendation with sounding like an infomercial,  but I am really taken with this company.  I love fashion, and spend as much time poring over the latest designer fashions in Vogue as much as the next

Leather Wedding Gowns

When the country song Leather and Lace was originally penned I doubt the songwriter was thinking about wedding gowns. Fast forward to today’s wedding gown market and the song fits right in – leather and lace are becoming very trendy in the wedding gown industry for brides looking for an unconventional way to tie the knot.

Many wedding gown designers are incorporating leather into the design of their gowns by embellishing them with leather rosettes and trim. These embellishments add to the luxury of the dress and the contrasts in texture are fascinating to the eye.

Celtic Weddings Gowns

Traditional Celtic weddings in Scotland and Ireland were lively events, usually held over a three-day period. This sense of fun could be seen in the colourful wedding attire worn by the bride and groom. Today, Celtic theme weddings are often chosen by couples to honour their heritage, and Celtic inspiration also plays a role in medieval or fantasy themed weddings. Key to this look is the bridal gown. A traditional Celtic wedding gown was made from ivory or cream cotton or linen. It had long, draping bell sleeves and more expensive gowns may have had Celtic embroidery in bright colours on the trims or bodice section. Celtic wedding gowns were often made in two parts. The top section was a sleeveless shift which was gathered at the waist with a belt, or a corset.