July 2009

Autumn Themed Weddings: Finding The Right Invitations

Autumn has a warmth and beauty all of its own and can make for a beautiful theme for your wedding. The rich colors of crimson, deep green, sienna, gold, and spice can make for an elegant affair. Since the wedding invitations that you choose will give your guests their first glimpse into your special day it gives you a chance to establish your theme and set the mood right from the beginning so choosing the right invitations and stationary is important

Styles and Colors:

Tips for a Vintage Wedding

Vintage weddings are the latest craze sweeping down the aisle, with brides taking their 'something old' to whole new levels.

There are a wide variety of options for a vintage wedding, from incorporating just a few touches from a favorite era, to making your entire wedding theme match a specific time period.

Wedding Fashion Files are running a series on vintage weddings from the Victorian era through to the early 20th century,  focusing on the trends and traditions of each era.  For example, did you know that Queen Victoria was the first lady to popularize a white wedding dress?  They offer some fun ideas for an Edwardian wedding too, including candy carts, tea parties andferris wheels.  Great fun!

Theme Weddings 101: Choosing The Right Theme for Your Wedding

You have finally decided to tie the knot and as the euphoria of the engagement begins to wane you realize that you have a million and one decisions lying ahead of you and you are overwhelmed with no idea where to start. Does that sound at all familiar? This is where most newly engaged couples seem to find themselves at; however, planning the perfect wedding of your dreams does not have to be a daunting and overwhelming task. One of the things that can dramatically improve the planning process is settling on a specific theme for the wedding.

Light Up Your Outdoor Wedding

I love outdoor weddings.  As day turns to night, and soft lights start twinkling, and the sound of romantic music mingles with laughter there is a special atmosphere that envelops the evening.  Of course, the crucial component to this atmosphere are the lights and there has never been a larger selection to choose from.  Here are some of my favourite lighting ideas for an evening outdoor wedding:

How to write your own wedding vows

One of the biggest sources of wedding stress for many of the wedding party (other than Uncle Harry getting horribly drunk and hitting on the bridesmaids) is writing your own vows.  Trying to find the perfect words for your vows can be a huge worry for brides and grooms.  While it may not pose a problem for people in a wordsmith career such as a writer, lawyer or teacher, what about the rest of us? 

Although choosing to say your own personal vows might seem like a beautiful and romantic notion when you agree to it, as the date draws nearer the nerve-wracking realization begins to hit home.  What are you going to say?

Beautiful Wedding Color Combination : Pink and Teal

One of my favorite color combos for weddings at the moment is pink and teal.  There is something soft and sophisticated about this pallette pairing that invokes both vintage and modern trends. 

Think Pink!
For a softer look, opt for pale pinks.  Pink is such an easy color to work into a wedding, but has been out of fashion for a long time.  Forget the hot pinks of the eighties and bubble gum Barbie pinks and look for dusty rose colors, or fresh peachy shades. 

You can incorporate flowers such as tea roses and peonies

Luxury Australian Wedding Invitations

It dawned on me today that I haven't talked much about wedding stationery on the blog yet, which is surprising really given how much I adore paper products.  I am a total junkie for notelets, thank you cards, fancy paper and scrapbooking .   When I got married it was on a tiny budget, and everything was very down to earth and handmade, that is except for the invitations, which looked like they could have been sent out by Martha Stewart herself.  Each invitation had double envelopes, velum inserts, hand tied ribbons andtri-fold design and an embossed seal.  Looking back, it may have been a tad overkill.

Wedding Photographer Review of Sara Gray

Sara Gray is one of the new generation of modern photographers.  Trained from the start on digital cameras, she is experienced and innovative in her approach to wedding photography.  While some photographers have made the switch from film to digital, and have applied traditional shooting techniques to this latest upgrade in technology, photographers who learned the craft from digital to begin with already have the advantage of being able to use the cameras naturally, and to their full potential.

Flower Power

For many brides diamonds are out, and petals are in.  Rather than tiaras, brides are choosing large ornamental flowers to wear in their hair on their special day.  This style choice is great for information, outdoor or destination weddings.

While it's true you could simply buy silk flowers from a craft store and pin them in your hair,  I encourage you to check out some of the talented designers who handmade beautiful, delicate and elaborate creations for brides.  Working with silk flowers,Swarovski crystals, feathers and a variety of other high quality materials, these artists create fanciful visions that are ready to adorn any bride's hairdo.