October 2009

Be a DIY Bride

It’s no secret that weddings cost a lot of money. However, in these cash strapped times not everybody can afford to spend thousands of dollars on their big day. So many brides are reliving their art classes and getting crafty with ways to save money by making key aspects of the wedding themselves. It’s not just the brides either: grooms, moms and bridesmaids are also getting in on the act. Why not hold a crafty party where all the attendants get together to make invitations, favors or even the wedding dress. I’ve salvaged what is left of my school Art qualification to bring you some of the best ways to do it yourself.


Unusual Wedding Venues: Art Galleries

Gone are the days when your choices of a wedding venue consist of a church, a registry office or… well, not much else. These days you can get married in a whole host of different venues. From a Vegas chapel to under the sea, nothing is impossible. Well, alright, maybe some things are impossible, but you get my drift. For those cultured couples, what could be more apt than an art gallery?

Classy, sophisticated and just swarming with culture- you could spend hours wandering around without getting bored. Perfect for a reception with a difference. So get ready for the top 3 art galleries from all over the world where you can have your very own Warhol wedding or Picasso party. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself!)

Skylight, New York, USA

Seasonal Weddings : Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter weddings work best with colors that reflect the season- sunflower yellow might look a bit out of place on a snowy January afternoon.
Although it’s cold, sometimes snowing and often raining- at least you know what to expect with a winter wedding. This is the perfect time of year for a shining, sparkling fairytale wedding.

To keep warm, shun the traditional satin bridesmaids dresses and clad your wedding party in warm velvet or fine wool. Add pashminas, cashmere cardigans or fur capes for extra defense against the chill, and for delightful textures.

Dare to be Different: Unusual Wedding Cakes

Not all couples want a dainty white cake with flowers. If you’re having a themed wedding, or just fancy something a little out of the ordinary, a white-iced fruitcake just won’t cut it (See what I did there?). You’ll want something wacky, something crazy or just something wow!

Under $300
Cake 97 sell a variety of cakes, including huge sumptuous chocolate cakes and novelty cakes shaped like castles. With an average price of just $230, you should be able to find something that tickles your fancy without breaking the bank.

Seasonal Weddings : Fall Wedding Ideas

As fall approaches, the warm sunny days are coming to a close and the chilly nights are drawing in. Try a cosy color scheme of oranges, reds and brown to reflect the leaves falling down around you. Choose bronze colored shoes and accessories, and dress your bridesmaids in burnt orange gowns. Collect dried leaves in gorgeous russet colors and write your guests names on in gold pen to use as unique, rustic place names.

Curse of the Momzilla

Getting married is the most important day of your life. It is your big day, arguably the happiest day of your life so far. Yet sometimes there is a blip on the potential for happiness, a dark mark, a creature that is rapidly swarming forwards to suck all joy out of your wedding plans: The Momzilla. Yes, dear mother. She’s always been there to make you eat your greens, tidy your room and… pick your wedding dress? Nope, that just won’t work. Your wedding day is just that- your wedding day. So join me as I list the two main species of Momzilla and how best to tackle them.

Bridal Body Blitz

As the big day draws closer, most brides start to think about how to look their best when the day arrives. For many, this means taking those few extra steps to get their body into the shape they hope for. Losing a couple of pounds can make many brides feel amazing as they walk down the aisle, and of course more confidence oozes more sex appeal. It’s important, however, to take care to do so in a safe and controlled way- overdoing it can be very dangerous, not to mention exhausting.


Unusual Wedding Locations

When it comes to wedding planning, one of the first things couples consider is the wedding venue. There are so many things to consider: the type of venue, the location, the cost, the size… Whilst many people get married somewhere local and familiar, some couples decide to get married somewhere unique. Generally, getting married somewhere a bit further from your home means less people and therefore a smaller budget. You can also find that perfect venue to unleash your individuality without being constrained by distance.

Here I have rounded up three of my favorite unusual locations that are perfect for creative and unique newlyweds.

Dance the night away with a personal first dance

For years, the first dance has consisted of the newlyweds awkwardly shuffling around the dance floor to Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”, the groom repeatedly stepping on the bride’s hem as the guests stand around and peer at the couple intently. However, these days it doesn’t have to be like that. Loads of couples are choosing something different for their first dance to stand out from the crowd and have a good time dancing. Just search “first dance” on YouTube to see the hundreds of results from couples who have broken away from the blushing ballad brigade. These videos can also be great inspiration if you are finding it hard to think of some ideas.

Sweet Inspirations : Wedding Cake Bliss

Wedding cakes originated in Rome over 2000 years ago in the form of bread that was split over the newlyweds to symbol prosperity, fertility and good fortune. Over the years, this humble loaf has evolved, transformed and mutated into the elaborate multi-tired, fruit-filled, flower-strewn masterpieces we use today.

The cake is an essential part of any wedding; Cutting the cake together as man and wife symbolizes unity in the marriage and the eating of it symbolizes, well, yummy cake. Often used as a focal point of the reception, it’s no wonder that many couple spend a lot of time, effort, and not to mention money, to get the perfect wedding cake for their celebrations.


With the economic climate not looking too rosy at the moment, many couples are cutting back on costs for their wedding. It’s best to be creative so you can cut back costs without cutting back the experience. One way is to do away with the honeymoon and instead go for a shorter "minimoon". These can consist of a weekend, or a few more nights, but are usually less than a week. They are great for couples who have busy work commitments as they give you the time to get away from it all but without having to book vacation time.

Seasonal Weddings : Spring Wedding Ideas

Easter, blossoming flowers and fluffy little lambs. Springtime makes everyone feel happy and jolly. Reflect this mood of joy and youthfulness in your wedding color scheme if you are getting married during the Spring months.

Try a pastel green and yellow for a cute country chic look, or opt for pale pinks for a softer, more feminine feel. Add painted egg motifs to your centerpieces to carry on the Easter theme, just be careful not to overdo it – fluffy yellow chicks may turn your festive theme into a farce.

Wedding Photography 102: Choosing the Perfect Photographer for You

Wedding photographers and their styles vary wildly so it is very important to check out a few and make sure you are happy with their work. If possible, arrange a meeting with a few to see how you get on- if you feel comfortable with your photographer, you will produce better photos so meeting a few helps you choose the one you get on with best.

Check out their portfolio to see the sort of style they work in. What kind of moments do they capture? What special effects do they prefer? Some photographers use a lot of post-production editing such as selective color (black and white photos with a dash of color) whereas others prefer to just touch up the photos minimally. It's important that your preferences match theirs.

Wedding Photography 101: Choosing a Photography Style

You spend months, even years, planning for your wedding day. Thousands of dollars go towards your dress, venue, catering and all the other bits that make a wedding. Then, when the day finally arrives, it is over in a few mere hours. Not only that, but you've been running around so much all day that you may barely remember it. That is where the wedding photos come in. If you have invested time and energy to finding just the right wedding photographer, you will have photos that will last years- a lasting memento of your special day to relive all those memories.

Pretty Wedding Jewelry

To complete your beautiful wedding look, you need some stunning jewelry. Whether that's something classic, something elegant or something a little bit crazy a small collection of jewelry will complete your look and make you look amazing. The rule with jewelry is to go subtle: Too much and you could end up looking more like a Christmas tree. Just a couple of strategically- placed pieces will pick up your outfit and finish it off gorgeously. I've scoured websites left, right and center to find you the ideal jewelry for your look- whatever your style.



Shake It Up with Wedding Cocktails

Everyone knows weddings are supposed to be toasted with gallons of bubbly Champagne. But let’s face it, it’s not the cheapest of drinks. Especially when you are footing the bill. What if you don’t like Champagne, or if you don’t drink? Instead of serving up glasses of bubbly, why not try cocktails? The great thing about cocktails is there is a mix for every season and every mood, and they do not even need to be alcoholic. Plus they are a lot cheaper than traditional Champagne- What could be better?

Hot Weddings

These cocktails are light and refreshing. Perfect served over ice for sunny, warm weddings to cool you down.

Lemon Pie

This lemon flavored cocktail is the perfect treat for a zesty, citrus boost.