November 2009

How to Compromise on Your Wedding Without a Fight

So you have decided you want to spend the rest of your lives together, but can't decide how to spend your wedding day together? This is a commondilemma for many couples.  One wants the full fairytale, complete with six tier cake and formal sit down wedding, while the other wants to elope and marry barefoot on a tropical beach somewhere.  Finding a compromise can be frustrating and stressful, and certainly not a great start to your nuptials.  Here are some tips on how to find a common ground and design a wedding that you will both love.

Bride Turns Failed Wedding Into a Party

I'm not sure I could have shown the courageous attitude of bride-to-be Teanne Harris after she was left standing at the altar earlier this month.  There was only a few weeks till the big day when her fiancé broke the news to her that he no longer wished to go through with the wedding.  With no chance of recouping any of the costs, Teanne and her mother came up with a plan to salvage the day and in a spirit of incredible generosity opened the reception party to the residents of a nearby nursing home. 

Hundreds of elderly patients were treated to a Hallowe'en themed party, enjoying the buffet, music and dancing that had been planned for after the ceremony.  The catering company was asked to change the menu slightly to more suitable options for senior citizens, and the bridal bouquet was placed in the home's chapel.

Killer Color Combo: Blue and White

A wedding industry survey last week revealed that the hottest colour trend for weddings at the moment is blue.  More modern, daring brides are opting for bold and vibrant electric blues, while more romantic sorts are choosing pale pastels.  Up to 33% of all couples polled claimed to have chosen blue for their wedding,  a color that hasn't had a popular run in recent years, with red and purple firmly holding their positions as favorite.

While some couples were using the color strongly in their theme, the majority said that they were pairing the colour with white. Hardly surprising, as I don't imagine many Mrs-to-Be walking down the aisle in a sky blue gown!  That said, there have been several beautiful examples of blue-tinged wedding dresses appearing in fashion magazines and catwalks this seasons. 

Designer Wedding Shoes by Paris Hilton

Regardless of what stereotype of Paris Hilton you feel might be most accurate, there is no denying that she has a flair for business.  Although arguably one of the wealthiest heiresses in the world Paris has never been one to shy away from any opportunity to make her own money independently.  Her new venture?  Affordable, fashionable shoes for brides.
Her collection offers the modern bride a selection of stylish and unusual designs that will complement trend setting and traditional gowns alike.  In a clever branding ploy she has also created the shoes with a distinctive pretty pink sole, adding a flash of color to your bridal footwear.  Made to a high standard, the shoes are crafted from satin and available in gold, white or ivory colors.

Money, Money, Money

The wedding gift list is a tradition dating back generations. When a couple would marry and move in for the first time, they would require all sorts of pots and pans for their new home. In these more liberal times, however, most couples move in together way before the wedding day. So how do you avoid the nightmare of multiple toasters?

How to Amuse Children at Weddings

Many couples choose not to invite children to their wedding for a variety of reasons: the venue is too small, the ceremony will be too boring and there’s always the risk of a baby revolution. However, gone are the days when children had to sit at the back of the church in a mini stuffy suit and sing hymns with everyone else, before dragging their feet to the reception for a three course meal consisting of stuffed avocado, beef wellington and tiramisu. (Not exactly a dream meal for an 8 year old.)

Guide to Giving a Great Wedding Speech Part 2

Perhaps the most nerve wracking part of your speech is actually standing in front of people and reading it out. Some people find it easy to speak in public while others break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of it. If you fall into the second category here are some performance tips to ease your nerves and help you get through it.

When your speech is all written, give it a read out loud. (It may be best to try this when your fiance is out of the house- you don’t want your other half overhearing before the big day!). The whole speech should flow nicely in a logical order and ideally will be around 5-7 minutes long: You don’t want your guests snoozing off!

Make any tweaks that the speech needs, and read aloud again. Repeat until the speech is perfected.

The next step is to read it aloud to someone else. Ask for their honest opinion and try to take their ideas on board.

Elopement Done Right

While there's nothing wrong with a classic wedding, some couples prefer a quieter, more personal experience for their union. But just because two people decide to elope doesn't mean they need to forgo romance and the right amount of ceremony. There's definitely a right way to elope. Here are a few tips to make the real-life version of running away together a positive, memorable adventure.

Guide to Giving a Great Wedding Speech Part 1

The speeches are a staple part of any wedding. There’s the father of the bride, the groom and, of course the one we all look forward to- the best man. Though it’s getting increasingly more popular for a bride to say a few words herself. Whilst some brides to be may shrink into the shadows of the corner at the mere thought of making a speech in front of a hundred guests, others are relishing the challenge and seizing the opportunity to declare her love for her new husband to the world.

So how do you go about it, and what exactly should you say? This guide will blast any doubts you may have and give some hints and tips on how to deliver a speech that won’t leave a dry eye in the house.

Green Brides: How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Global warming, climate change, greenhouse gases... We can't escape the message that we need to take care of our environment. There are many ways to do this: saving electricity, cutting down on water usage or walking where possible. For many people this is an integral part of their daily lives. So why should it stop once it's time to say those vows? Is there a way to be eco-friendly, and stylish, whilst walking down the aisle?

More Fall Wedding Ideas

With Fall firmly upon us, it’s getting pretty chilly as the dark nights draw in. To add some warmth to your wedding, why not have a gorgeous fall theme? With a color palette of browns, reds and golds with plenty of leaf motifs to highlight the fallen leaves all around. The ideal way to bring a warm, cosy feel to a fall wedding.

Rainbows of Ribbons

Since we have been talking about DIY weddings this week, I thought I would touch upon one of my favorite creative materials to make your mark on your wedding.

Ribbons are so versatile and of course they come in a bazillion different colors and widths to get your perfect match. They can be used for so many different purposes- lace them up the back of your dress to create a corseted effect or create a sash around the waist. With a strapless dress, try adding ribbon straps. They don’t need to be supportive as a strapless dress is designed to be supportive enough so you can create any look you like- cross straps, halterneck or pretty bows tied at the shoulder.

Customized Brides: The Dress

The wedding outfit is one of the most expensive, and important, aspects of the wedding plans. But with the average cost of the big day ever increasing, many brides are finding ways to get crafty and save money in the process. We’ve already looked at DIY weddings to create every aspect of the day yourself, but this outfit is so important I think it deserves a closer look. Not everyone has super seamstress skills, or even friends who do. If you can’t make a whole dress yourself, but want to save money whilst giving it a shot of your own individuality try customizing one.