January 2010

Handy Wrist Purse

One of the biggest logistic problems a bride has is her purse.  The options:

a) go a full day without powder, gloss, hair pins, cell phone and the myriad of other accessories that keep a gal looking fresh and fabulous.  Not likely!

b) designate a bridesmaid to carry your kit... and risk not finding her for that last minute touch up before an important photo.  Hm, not an ideal solution.

c) buy a beautiful clutch and constantly be trying to work out where to put it as you air kiss guests and sip champagne.  This juggling act would be hard for even the most elegant of ladies to carry off.

b) use one of those satin drawstring pouches sold in most bridal stores.  Ugh, tacky.  Didn't those things all get burned with the gowns with poofy sleeves?

A Bridal Bag with Feel-Good Style

I love this fashion find from The Breast Cancer Site online shop.  A large white fabric clutch with a stylish black hoop handle and overlay of mother of pearl discs that shimmer as the purse moves,  it is the epitome of bridal style for women who like a more unique and eclectic feel to their fashion. Even better, the purse is made by women in Vietnam, as part of a Fair Trade scheme to create meaningful and creative employment opportunities. The program, called Global Girlfriend, supports women in third world countries by forming long term partnerships with local artists to help improve small communities.