March 2010

Keren Peled Wedding Jewelry

The bride-to-be with a discerning eye for unique bridal jewelry far beyond the classic set of pearls would do well to set her sights on the romantic and timeless jewelry created by designer Keren Peled.

Keren’s appreciation for the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean, Latin America and Europe, coupled with her travels around the world fueled a lifelong passion for creating beautiful jewelry. Her artistic talent and unique vision led her to design and create intricately detailed pieces made from sterling silver or gold filled wire, elegantly meshed with semi-precious gemstones such as garnet, amber and freshwater pearls.

Destination Weddings in the Dominican Republic

Undoubtedly one of the first decisions an engaged couple have to make is where to hold the ceremony. What could be more perfect than a destination wedding on a beautiful island replete with sandy beaches, exotic tropical flowers, and the crystal blue sea as your backdrop?


Just a short plane ride from almost anywhere in the continental United States is one of the most beautiful and romantic settings you can imagine for your destination wedding...the Dominican Republic.


Choosing the Right Wedding Band

Choosing the musical entertainment for your wedding means thinking about more than just the music.  The type of wedding band that you hire will depend on the type of wedding and reception that you want.  You may need to different a harp player or violin quartet for the church, a compere style crooner for the dinner and a swing band for your guests to dance the night away at the reception, or you might just need a DJ to provide the soundtrack of your choice for your wedding.

Tips for an Outdoor Wedding

Many brides dream of an outdoor wedding.  Whether it is an informal beach ceremony at sunset, a civil ceremony in the park, or a formal wedding overflowing with flowers in a luxury garden, outdoor weddings offer some beautiful location options.  However, an outdoor wedding also poses certain challenges.  A little extra preparation will make sure your wedding is as wonderful as you want it to be.

Great Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Dress

Brides spend so much time and energy into choosing just the right wedding dress for their big day that it seems a shame to retire it to a life wrapped in plastic and stuck in the back of a closet after just one day of being worn.  Although many women enjoy the idea of bringing it out for their daughter to use, the chances are that in twenty to thirty years fashion will have moved on so far that the look on your daughter's face when she sees your gown might not exactly be one of joy and awe.  (Honestly, would you wear your mother's wedding gown?)

Here are some productive ideas for recycling your wedding dress into other keepsakes that will be more appreciated.