June 2010

Invitations by David's Bridal

When it comes to creating some great quality wedding invitations, David’s Bridal definitely has it covered. Their new collection consists of a wide variety of colored invites to suit the tastes and styles of any bride and groom. They also have designer invitations for those luxurious wedding days and have themed layouts to match with a particular location or season. Regardless of the type of wedding or your personal budget, David's Bridal can be of assistance. They also provide a range of additional products to complete your upcoming wedding in style.  


How to Look Elegant on Your Wedding Day

It´s all very well being seen in the latest trends in your general style wardrobe, but following fashion´s ups and downs isn´t always the best idea for your wedding.  What´s hot now might make you cringe in twenty years time!  For the day you’ll memorialize in photographs and tell stories about to your children, you want a look that is timeless.  Here are a few tips on achieving that elegant look for your wedding day.

Perfect Honeymoon Hotels

The honeymoon is indeed a special time when the newlywed couple gets to experience the first steps of life together as husband and wife. Planning this special time can present some problems though. The location and accommodation should be unique enough to place the honeymoon apart from other, more standard holidays. Fortunately, there are a great many fabulous honeymoon locations to be found worldwide. Let us tempt you with some of the best honeymoon hotels below.


Hotel Le Seven, Paris, France

Alternative Wedding Registry Ideas

The registry can be an interesting conundrum when planning a wedding these days. Most modern-day couples are living together when they get married and already have everything that they need to set up their future house.  The mere idea of creating a list of more items that will only clutter up the place seems pointless. There are, however, a few alternative gift ideas to make sure that the wedding registry is still relevant and exciting. Use the following suggestions, or make up some of your own, to create the perfect alternative wedding registry.

Five Fun Ways to Break the Ice When Introducing the Inlaws

You’ve picked The One, you’ve set a date, you’ve perhaps even gotten a good deal of wedding planning under your belt at this point.  Now, it’s time for the fated meeting – your parents and his. This first meeting can be stressful for many reasons. There is a huge amount of pressure on all parties for everyone to get along well.  After all, this is a relationship that should last a lifetime, and will affect the atmosphere at most family events in your future.

Here are five tips on ways to help the first meeting go smoothly:


Are Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper hearing Wedding Bells?

Renee Zellweger and Bradley Cooper apparently began dating in July 2009, but they have barely said anything about one another and are rarely seen in the public eye together. While there is no proof of engagement, or even future engagement, Renee and Bradley have been spotting do a couple of “serious” things. First of all, Cooper was spotted joining Renee and her parents for lunch. Then, Renee was checking out the bridal aisles of Caroline Herrera’s shop in LA.


Tea Party Bridal Shower

If you’re stumped for ideas for a bridal shower theme, how about hosting an afternoon tea party? Not only does it give a busy bride-to-be some time to slow down, it’s also a nice way for the bride and groom’s family and friends to meet and mingle in a lovely setting.


If the weather is nice, a tea party bridal shower can be held outdoors, perhaps in the flowery garden of a favorite restaurant or the host’s backyard. The flowers will provide a ready-made backdrop for a pretty tea service and help to create a beautiful setting.


How to Word Your Wedding Invitations

Deciding on the wording for your wedding invitations can be complicated.  Who talks in all that flowery language these days anyway? And not to mention the minefields of who is paying, second marriages and other conventions that might not apply to your specific situation. Of course, you are not obligated to follow anyone else's rules, but putting some thought into wording can save some family arguments or hurt feelings after they are printed.