August 2010

Worst Wedding Movie Moments Part 2

So far, the first three movies in our countdown of our Worst Wedding Movie Moments have included mob-enforced nuptials (The Marrying Man), out-and-out slaughter (Kill Bill Vol. 1), and Vince Vaughn’s usual antics (Old School). Included in our second installment are three wedding movies that just don't make inspire us to start reaching for the bridal magazines or brood over solitaire diamond rings. Overdone themes, boring scripts and a lack of originality that borders on insulting plague these three wedding movies...

Ten Best Wedding Movie Moments Part 1

Hollywood loves a good wedding, and always has done. Some of the most memorable movies in our culture center on the commitment ceremony of two main characters, some in slapstick ways (think Wedding Crashers or The Ghost of Girlfriends Past), and others in a more serious light (for example The Godfather). Weddings bring together the best and the worst of family, friendships, love and romance, often with dramatic or hilarious outcomes, and Hollywood has explored them all.

Engagement Rings 101: Diamond Colors

The grading system for diamond color ranges D – Z, with D being colorless and Z representing a light yellow. However diamonds actually come in a range of colors including pink, blue and yellow. Everything beyond the Z rating is considered an ‘exotic’ or ‘fancy’ color. Excluding exotics, the more colorless the stone, the better is said to be the quality and therefore the higher is the price.

Worst Wedding Movies Moments Part 1

Weddings are a common element of movies, especially romantic comedies, but not all of these nuptials represent the ideal that most brides have in their head! In this series, we look at the top (or bottom) ten of the Worst Weddings in Movies. Some of these movies make our worst-of list for being poorly done while others, like number ten on the list, are beautifully done but represent scenarios it’s best to avoid on one’s own special day. Here are numbers 10 through 8...