September 2010

Italian Romances for the Stars

Blame it on Eat Pray Love, the inspirational travelogue from author Elizabeth Gilbert, now a movie starring Julia Roberts.  People around the world have vicariously fallen in love with the countries Gilbert visited.  Though she portrayed Italy as the country of fine dining and pleasure, it seems that more than one famous couple considers Italy to be the country of love.

First are Kate Moss, 36, and her fiancé, 40-year-old musician Jamie Hince.  Romance itself is nothing new to the model who is constantly embroiled in one tabloid fiasco or another and Hince, frontman of the band The Kills.  The two were introduced at a concert of his by actress Sadie Frost.  Hince reportedly stepped up their explosive romance on Moss’s birthday by flying to the Caribbean and proposing.

Julie King Wedding Photographer

This article is part of our new series of interviews with wedding industry professionals, sharing their advice and wisdom for your big day.

Julie King Wedding Photographer

How did you first get into wedding photography?

I started a Youth Training Scheme upon leaving school 1984, unfortunately there wasn’t a job at the end of the course.  I applied for an photographers assistant  job with a local wedding photographer, not really wanting to photograph weddings as I thought they were too much of a responsibility, but after a year of firsthand experience and encouragement  from a true professional,  I was thrown in at the deep end and photographed my first wedding, the bride and groom had no idea that it was my first... It was a total success and loved every minute of it and I haven’t looked back.