October 2010


“iKatie take you, iAaron to be my lawfully wedded …”  No, those were not the actual vowels recited at the wedding ceremony of the couple married in Oceanside, though it’s reasonable to suspect that they heard many an ‘i’ reference on their special day.  Katie and Aaron’s vowels constitute one of those occurrences where how you say something is nearly as interesting as what you say.

Megan Finley, of the website Offbeat Bride, photographed the ceremony and excitedly reported on the mode this couple chose for their vowels.  iPads.  According to Offbeat Bride, the bride and groom both wrote their vowels on an iPad, which was used by the officiant for wedding readings.

Beautiful Honeymoon Locations: La Claustra Hotel

 La Claustra Hotel exists at a fascinating intersection of elements:  air, mountain and river.  It was created as nothing less than piece of art by Jean Odermatt.  It’s inimitable, at once functional and stylish, and it is appropriately named.  While a beauty, La Claustra is not for those with even a mild sense of claustrophobia.  It’s built deep within a mountain.  Gotthard Mountain, at the heart of the Swiss Alps, to be precise.