November 2010

Italian Honeymoon Idea: The Color Hotel

Are you considering an Italian honeymoon and want to experience the best of the area’s rich artistic persona?  Located in Bardolino (less than 70 miles from Venice) is a hotel sure to delight honeymooners with an appreciation of art.  The Color Hotel, winner of the Condé Nast Johanses “Most Excellent Hotel for Service 2010” award, is crafted around the understanding that color influences mood and is therefore an important aspect of how you enjoy any atmosphere.

A Honeymoon for the Fearless: Kumbuk River Resort

For the adventurous couple always ready to walk down new roads, the Kumbuk River Resort in Buttala, Sri Lanka may be the ultimate honeymoon destination.  Kumbuk River is referred to as “Eco Extraordinaire”; its resort was built to be materially, structurally harmless to the biodiversity of Sri Lanka.  The ecologically-minded, the gung-ho-for-adventure, and the curious are all drawn to this resort for an interesting reason:  it’s an elephant.

To be more specific, a 40-foot, two-story villa shaped into the world’s largest elephant.  This resort sits on the edge of the Yala Wildlife Sanctuary and effortlessly meshes with its surroundings, contributing to the full Sri Lanka experience.

Interview with Wedding Photographer Philip Smith

How did you first get into wedding photography?

I've been photographing for years, since the early 80s, when I was taught “wet” photography at college. I've constantly used photography in my personal life, but also in my profession, as a fine artist selling work through the Artzu agency. My artwork was/is very cinematic, and more often than not involved figures in a landscape or urban environments, or simply as the subject in portraiture, and so it was natural to use photography as a creative tool.

Unusual Honeymoon Locations: Palacio de Sal

 If you’re seeking a once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon experience, check out Palacio de Sal – a hotel, spa and golf course with an interesting twist on construction.  Wall texture and the material used in chairs wouldn’t normally qualify a hotel for inclusion in the Japanese Newsweek’s (May, ‘98) list of most unusual hotels in the world.  In this case, however, the hotel’s walls, floors, ceilings, decorations and more are made of … salt.

This hotel is the ideal representation of its unique surroundings.  It rests on the edge of Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat.  Located in southeast Bolivia near the Andes, Salar de Uyuni is famed for its unobstructed view of the sky and amazingly flat surface of salt.

Unusual Honeymoons: Airplane Suite

While airports are usually only a means to an end for the honeymooning couple, Teuge Airport in the city triangle of Deventer, Apeldoorn and Zutphen, is also a destination.  With its Airplane Suite, Teuge Airport offers a unique experience perfect for the couple seeking adventure and privacy.

The suite at Teuge is actually a converted Ilyushin 18 airplane, nearly 40 metres long.  Once a government plane, later a passenger plane for an East-German airline company, this Ilyushin 18 once maxed out at 120 guests, with a four-person crew staffing the cockpit.  Under the ownership of, it has become a luxury suite which maxes out at two guests.

Beautiful Honeymoon Location: Hotel Villa Padierna

Couples looking for a stunning destination wedding location offering both art and comfort may want to consider the Hotel Villa Padierna of Marbella.  Considered one of the premiere homes-away-from-home in Marbella, the hotel features 129 rooms, 11 of which are elegant villas, all of which capitalize on relaxation and beauty.


While the interior of the hotel is nearly matchless in its culmination of Spanish and European arts, it is situated to provide an equally artistic view of Marbella’s landscape.  The hotel rests close the shore of Costa del Sol, overlooks vibrant golf courses, and offers (on a clear day) a view of the African coastline.