April 2011

Gifts Your Bridesmaids WON'T Love

We all know wedding budgets are stretched thin, especially now.  The average cost of a wedding is around $27,000*!  So while all the bridesmaids in the world feel your pain, they all also beg you to put a little thought into the gifts you choose to give them.  The internet is full of “bridesmaid” gifts that will get stashed in the back of a closet or dropped off at the nearest thrift store.  Avoid being that bride by opting to give your bridesmaids gifts you know they will love!  

Here are some gifts to pass over on your shopping trips...

Wedding Guest Dressing Tips

There are tons of tips and tricks out there on how to dress as a bride, but what about the guests of the bride?  Chances are, you have your fair share of weddings to attend this summer and are a little fuzzy as to how to dress.  Naturally, you will want to look fabulous, with all the photographers snapping away.  Chances are you will end up in someone’s pictures.  No one wants to be remembered as the wedding guest in the horrible outfit.  So think about these things when deciding what to wear and you will be sure to look fabulous at the next wedding you attend.

Successful wedding invitation response cards

Get the most out of those tiny little wedding invitation inserts.

One of the more perplexing aspects of the wedding invitation tends to be the response card.  What does that “M” stand for?  Do I have to put a stamp on them?  What do I do if I am missing some by the deadline date?  Worry not.  So how to do sort of those confusing response cards and make planning your wedding seating chart a little bit easier?  Follow these general guidelines for sending out response cards.  (And that “M” stands for the start of the guest’s personal title.  They will write in Miss, Ms., Mrs., or Mr. before their name when filling out the response card.)

Husband Appreciation Day is This Saturday

Wives, this Saturday, the third Saturday of April, marks the annual Husband Appreciation Day, a time to show your husband that you appreciate what he does for you. Whether he’s a pretty awesome husband like mine who takes care of kid duty while I work and generally tolerates my “wish list” of chores, a handy-Andy who fixes things around the house, a chef extraordinaire who whips up delicious foods, or just an all-around good guy who is there when you need him, be sure to tell him thank you this weekend. Here are a few ideas to do that.

The Ultimate Relaxing Honeymoon at Casa Colonial Beach and Spa

There is nothing quite like celebrating a wedding or enjoying a honeymoon by the seaside. The Casa Colonial Beach & Spa offers loving couples the perfect location to enjoy some quality time together while forgetting about the outside world. Found in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, this tropical destination provides its guests with a truly romantic holiday.