June 2011

How to Ease into Your Destination (Part 2)

So of course the money adds up fast and furious when you plan in such a short time.  We decided to invite about 75 people, and though the invitations will not be going out until next week 23 people already have a plane ticket.  The more the merrier! We never dreamt that so many people would be willing to join us across the country on our special day, but I guess it makes a nice vacation for them as well. I have been tracking our spending as we go, the dress, the save the dates, the deposits both for our venue and reception, the travel expenses, and the favors.  I have used as many online coupon saving codes as I can.  If you aren't using RetailMeNot you definitely should! Seems every time I place an order they have a code to get me at least $10 off or free shipping and every little bit helps.

How to Ease into Your Destination (Part 1)

Most that know me would not be surprised by the fact that I will be a non traditional bride. Always a little off, I've played with every color hair under the sun, melted into every social group through middle and high school, and sang along the whole time to 20 different types of music while I did it.  I never thought I'd be getting married, and for a long time I often had the mind set that "it's just a piece of paper". When I met the right person it seems my mind had changes, and all my doubt is gone. I know I've made a great decision, and I couldn't be happier about where I am.

We just decided this 3 weeks ago, and picked the date of August 28, 2011. The sooner the better right? This is not my mate's first marriage and I didn't want anything really over the top, so we decided to take this party to Vegas. When you mention that to most people they think of some cheesy Fresh Prince style wedding or that you have to have Elvis reading you the vows. The truth is with a destination like Vegas we had so many places to choose from and one more beautiful then the next. We both love to gamble, it's only appropriate we take it there. After countless reviewing of packages and gasping at prices, I finally decided that getting married on the terrace at the Bellagio was what I truly wanted. I know there won't be a dry eye in the house, and I am so fearful of crying off all my makeup before I even make it down the stairs. With that being said, I know the ceremony will be breath-taking.