February 2012

3 Tips to Save Money While Avoiding Tacky

Getting married on the cheap, but not looking like it.

Weddings. Every little girl dreams of them and every parent has nightmares about their escalating costs. How do you keep the finances under control without tipping the scales into tacky territory?

1.    If you cannot afford to feed 250 of your closets friends a four course dinner … don’t! If you love gourmet food, then edit your guest list way down. 75 people, that really are your nearest and dearest, can have a fabulous meal on a small budget. You can’t create elegant if you run out of food, plastic utensils or red Solo cups.

2.    If you, your fiancée, your parents, or whomever insists on each and every one of those 250 guests, then put a twist on your tradition. Invite them all for an early wedding ceremony followed by a lovely luncheon or even a brunch on a sunny morning. The food is much less expensive, the caterer and reception facility will cost less due to the early time and you can avoid the expensive of a full bar; beer, wine and mimosas would be perfect. Who ever said it had to be a Saturday night?

Adding Personalized Touches to the Ceremony

One of the important factors of your wedding is the priest/pastor/minister/justice of the peace, who will be officiating at the wedding.  The more you know them, and the more they know you, the more enjoyable the ceremony may be as they will be able to personalize it and add some personal comments or stories. 

Having a ceremony that is personalized does not mean that it has to be exceptionally long and boring for all the guests, but a story or two can be shared to make the ceremony more personal.  Just a few personal touches can make a difference in the personality of the ceremony. A funny story or a serious story both work but it is important that the story feels natural and not forced or made up.  Sometimes the story only relates for the time that the couple has known the person conducting the ceremony as they have not had a relationship before that.  That may make it a little bit trickier but likely one or two stories can be found in that time.  If not, a general but interesting story can be used.